Bobby’s on a diet, so he’s painting again

Bobby is getting portly, a bit too young. Mum weighs well under 100lb and part of that is illness but the other part is anorexia.

She’ll take a bite of food, consider it a meal, and give the rest to Bobby–all the time claiming and believing that she ate 5 meals that day.

I’ve convinced her to stop giving Bobby the food she’s meant to eat–for HIS sake and spend more time with him instead.

I got to El Rancho Reedo Friday evening and she had painted with him. She used to do this (set up the paper and paint) when he was a puppy.

I’m not sure of an artistic interpretation, you?


Kris Kringle Kaveman, prehistoric paintings translated

The paintings are estimated to date back some 29,000 years, [when it began in Europe and Africa, too].

Previously, we believed this didn’t begin in the Americas a little over 10,000 years.

As a native Ozarker, raised speaking pidgin, including Canine-American, I can translate Caveman:

Why would I make this up? It's exactly what's being said, word for word.

Why would I make this up? It’s exactly what’s being said, word for word.