Aussie #GOT (nsfw, language)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed most of these videos where that take popular film (TV, in this case) and overdub different words–different folks do it, you’ll find them knocking about the net.

‘You’re piss-weak, Eddie.’


GOF makes a fine tourist agent for Cairns!

Whee! After no post for three days, -when it otherwise would’ve ran but for weather  I’m getting stuff again. Got my Netflix DVD, junk mail, a calendar I’d ordered for Spike and a big, fat envelope from Australia!

It’s stuffed full of brochures for local attractions and two neato-bandito ticket stubs from their visit to the Historic Park. Go see posts about the Cairns area here. He does lots of lovely photos and describes the places they day-trip to, though they live in a rainforest nearby and you’ll see photo of their nursery and home, as well.


20140110-085510.jpgAnd seriously, with 3 days delay, this only took 10 days to get here? That’s only 7 days travel from WAY OVER YONDER!

Thanks, Mr. GOF! When I win lotto and / or get myself a few thousand dollars for travel, I really do want to visit Australia. The problem is it’s so BIG that you need a long time and ‘extra’ money to jump from part to part. I mean, I could just move there for a few years, I suppose…


postcards, The Great Barrier Reef

Such fantastic images! Thanks again to my online adoptive family in Australia.

I’m pretty sure they live back in the hills beyond. 🙂

When I win the lottery, I’m going to Australia, probably during the cooler, wetter months since I can’t handle the heat. Should work to my advantage as I won’t have to deal with noisy tourists?

Well, there’s enough of ME to make a ruckus, right?


Postcards: And Australia makes 5:7 continents


My most excellent bromeliad-nurturing Australian bud GOF done-did out-done hisself.

I gots me 2 postcards, a stamp of Her Holiness (that’s a joke; I’m American, sorry) The Queen and…

Look closely…

A COASTER for my whiskey! The Perfect gift for any house-proud hillbilly!

GOF’s a bit off (rhymes, had to go there) right now due to South-ren Hemispheric Winter Rainy Season. Come sunnier skies, I imagine he’ll regale us with nubile ladies he fancies and Great Plans for Society should the Gov ever start giving him his due.

Add him to your ‘read’ RSS or whatever the kids use these days. He’s extremely droll and a Good’un.