Bday 2017, 1st present!


Geeking out about Going to DC

I was telling some folks how — granted — I’m pretty spazzy from time to time but I seem disproportionately EXCITED to go for a mere weekend to the nation’s capital.

Well, first of all, I’m chuffed about spending time with one of my favourite Aussies. That’s reason enough. -for serious! I don’t know if other areas say this but I grew up where kids, especially, say, ‘FOR SERIOUS?’ instead of ‘for real?’ or ‘really?’

One pointed out that I’ve been under so much tension for years but especially the last year and even moreso the last couple of months that it’s probably a natural offset process in my noggin. ‘LET’S GET HAPPYYYYYYYYY!’

Did I mention it’s my birthday weekend?

doge birthday celebrate

I know that I’ll be using public transportation, -which I oh-so-freudianly ALWAYS type ‘pubic’ EVERY.STINKING.TIME  and seeing as every city I’ve ever been to is different enough to make you look like an idiot, not to mention TARGET? * I went to Professor Google for some cursory info.

I found a cute how-to from the WMATA page.

They mentioned buying SmarTrip (the plastic, rechargeable pass) online for discounts. Being the cheap bastard I am, I went to see. You can get a SmarTrip card for 30USD and they only surcharge you $2 of that for the card and shipping! So, it’s meant to arrive with $28 ‘live’ funds. KEWL! Hell, I bought it. If the Apocalypse happens, I can post it to MJ.

But on a personal note:

When I lived in France, I picked up a copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman at Shakespeare & Co. This was part of my intense year of reading classics that everybody else had to read before going to uni. My crappy school had NO REQUIRED READING LIST, so I was — as ever — in the dark about not only pop culture but Literature.

I believe it was a combination of Whitman’s famous power as a poet and being thousands of miles from home or any Americans, let alone English speakers, that kindled a fire in my heart to one day make it to the capital. It took over 20 years but I’m going!


* In STL we have a MetroLink ‘tram’ I’d call it and the Bi-State Bus service. I’ve used either of them lightly. I’ve used MetroLink more than the bus… Thing is, when you don’t use something even in your own town, they make enough changes to leave you standing there at an automated kiosk, with your head down and backed turned to the street. This is never a good position. This ain’t London. It’s STL. We kill you for looking like a tourist. We kill you for pork steak on your plate. We kill you for being in your own front lawn (that’s my friend Marty). Shite’s real, yo.

Don’t look like you don’t know what you’re doing EVER. This is also the Midwest, home of the ever-polite. I’m saying in OUR MetroLink and bus stops (and our LOVELY Downtown Train Station, which I’m fair-certain has fuelled many a horror-film’s art direction), be careful. In general, you’re GRAND but ya know.

The last time I used MetroLink, I was mugged. At a kiosk. Because it took me too long to use it. If you walk up, throw in money and get a card, then move away quickly and nonchalantly, it’s best. If you stand there, reading what to do next, you’re lucky to be shorted some money. That’s all I’m saying. I’d rather not do that again.

Bobby gave me a balloon – RLY!

Nobody who doesn’t know Bobby could believe this but I’ll share anyway. -Brother didn’t believe it til BDR started saying inappropriate things at appropriate times (like a lot of ESL speakers, he doesn’t grasp the gravity of swear words)

Normally, when I come home from work, there are 2 types of Bobby. One is ‘I’m in bed but I’ll wag my tail at you’ Sleepy Bobby and the other is the ‘I’ll get out of bed and stand there, maybe talk to you.’ -he only says a few phrases in Human; usually it’s such a thick Canine-American that even I can’t translate and I’m good at Doolitte-ing!

Yesterday, I went to open the door and ::thud:: it bumped into Bobby. I poked my head around and saw him there, looking up, smiling and wagging. That was a surprise! ‘You never did that before? Are you et-cit-ed about something?’

He did the Front Paws Bounce-Dance or Canine Jig.

‘Ooo! You are et-cit-ed! What’s going on?’

birthday balloonHe ran across the kitchen and stuck himses nose on the string…attached to a weight on the bottom and at the top, floated a Happy Birthday balloon with a yellow pup on it!

sit pretty dog trick commandHe sat down regularly and then rose up to ‘sitting pretty’ or what Sissy trains him as ‘Sit Up’ command!


He totally ‘gave’ me the balloon. You cannot tell me that Bobby didn’t know the balloon was a surprise meant for me and he was doing his Helpy Dog Best by making sure that I got it!

Also, he paw-painted a card, which I neglected to photograph because I was trying on my Star Trek Command uniform.

Who loves me? A GALLON of Tabasco!

…and a whole box of K-Cups from Dr. Dick, who knows my unquenchable thirst!

thanks, Kzinti!

There was much anticipation around the ranch all day as to WHAT was in that heavy package!

Photo essay:

k-Cups and BEAUTIFULLY wrapped Tabasco gift box


Bobby ‘rasseles’ me to make sure it’s safe


I got the LOLs


‘it is not whiskey’ – Bobby walked away


it’s Tabasco!


…and bigger than my head


Wearing the HazMat Crew shirt @cha0tic sent last year, so I’m just full of…swag!

It’s my party and I’ll bake my own cake [gluten free / Celiac]

I got Gold Rum on special offer (regular 23USD, it was 11USD). I’ve never purchased gold rum, so I was nervous but for $11 and 1.75L? Mehohkay. In googling what to do with it, up popped a lot of baking recipes. This means it’s probably not so loverly to drink (think ‘cooking sherry’).

Gee, your cake smells delicious

Gee, your cake smells delicious *

My birthday is Friday and that means I will not be in a mood to bake Thursday night to make a gluten free cake for myself and the ingrates at work. -only a couple of people will try anything gluten free I bring in. Didn’t blink an eye through years of non gluten free. Granted, most gluten-free food (particularly ‘faux foods’ or things that are supposed to be a gluten-free version of X) is dodgy. Still, try it if I bothered to bring it.

All the more reason to use booze!

This was interesting as I rarely cook with booze. I do but the Reed in me doesn’t care for the idea of cooking alcohol out. I mean, what’s the point? I’m old-hat at whiskey-soaking, bourbon-balling, rum-tipsy-ing, though. -that’s ‘live’ alcohol

This cake is both: it’s cooked in (out) and soaked ‘live.’ WHEE!

gluten free gold rum cake above.jpg

It’s vanilla cake with pumpkin pie spices, walnuts and LOTS RUM inside and out, well, soaked in after baking.

* I used no special filters on these photos but I did put the cake OUTSIDE to photograph. The angled shot allows for elegance, no? Seriously, this cake has more than 2 cups of rum in it. You’re welcome. It’s a standard ‘tipsy’ cake type of soaky-glazy-not-glaze-thin-syrup** (meaning not a hard sauce, which is like boozy-gravy and not a glaze that leaves a sort of well, you’ve seen glazed doughnuts).

**Since I don’t measure:

  • 1+ C  gold rum (I used Bacardi’s)
  • 1/2 C melted oleo (I used coconut oil but have been known to use Earth Balance, since I can’t do dairy; when baking for others, I’ll use butter; hence ‘oleo’)
  • As much powdered sugar as it needed to be thin and pourable but not so thin that it wouldn’t congeal — I’m going to guess that I started with 1.5 C and added if more was needed. When I do these glazes, I go in assuming that 1/2 sugar is the starting point.

Paleo drinking

It is one week before my BIRTHDAY! Great timing on this ‘how to drink’ chart. Like I need one. -HAR!

Before you get your pants in a twist, the article states:

Drinking alcohol is not paleo, it’s true, but it is a part of many people’s lives. Read the whole article for Smart Drinking but I’ll include this infographic. It’s fun!

-I cannot drink tequila as I’m deathly allergic to agave. That never was a big issue in the Midwest (agave isn’t indigenous here) til agave nectar started being used. Of course, I rarely partake in processed foods but it’s definitely in tequila. None for me! Don’t cry for me, I can still suck down some Newton’s Folly, Strongbow, Crispin’s, Woodchuck…I’ll stop there but I love cidre! 

 It's [Get] Hammered-Time!

It’s [Get] Hammered-Time!