Moroccan-y Stew

20140609-110309-39789983.jpgI’m a big fan of pots of food. I mean pots of food all tossed in together.

I had some extra lean ground beef (96% lean) and some sweet potatoes, some leftover French green beans (can’t handle the actual bean/ seeds to digest but the outer husks, yes) and some fresh spinach from le jardin — I also added 1 tin (10T) of tomato paste and an equal amount of water. Cooked the beef first with spices and then added in the cooked veg except for the spinach, which was raw and cooked down.

I used about 4T cumin, about 2T cinnamon, about 1T chili powder (wasn’t enough, went back and added a few shakes of Tabasco Special Reserve pepper sauce) and that was it.

Pretty easy. I reckoned it would be low on salt with all that food but the green beans and tomato paste came salted, so it’s grand.

It’s not ‘Moroccan’ exactly but it does lean towards that sort of style (per my time in France, where we ate a lot of Moroccan and North African dishes).


Bacon Asparagus Buttie

Sort of since I can’t do dairy (used Earth Balance) or gluten. -Celiac, this is Udi’s bread, which isn’t bread-bread but it looks and serves as bread & you get used to it tasting like sawdust–I quite like it years into my diagnosis!

But it is bacon and asparagus on buttery grilled toast! -ish


Memorial Weekend, Pork Steaks

When locals move away and come back to visit, they always have a story about how the new butcher has no idea what a pork steak is.

Today’s ‘close world’ of internet and cable TV has educated Flatlanders about the much-loved pork steak but it isn’t yet as popular dehors than here. We’ll kill you over pork steaks.

If there’s a BBQ or a summer event of any kind here, you’ll find pork steaks!

My Irish granny baked hers after dredging in flour and served with final topping of ketchup.

My mammy used BBQ sauce and grilled hers. I grew up enjoying them both ways but my favourite is baked-plain on a pan with oven fries, which soaked up some pork fat as they cooked, making them extra delicious, if humble in appearance.

I marinated mine in apple cidre vinegar, a mélange of spices, and Himalayan pink salt. I baked them on a roasting rack above asparagus cut today and some store-bought yellow tomatoes. Mangez-bien!


speaking of cheap shopping: Aldi’s (gluten free)

I pop into Aldi’s now and then but I can’t afford them, either. You should see the looks I get for saying that.

I’m not saying they have expensive food. I’m saying what I buy there is cheaper where I normally shop. I don’t do a whole lot of ‘snack crackers.’ You may clean up on those. And they’re sneaky motherfuckers. And I use that term for emphasis.

Their soya milk is seemingly a bit cheaper then your garden-variety soya from a regular shop. It matches what I’d normally pay -where I buy it cheaper than most places — not Target, btw, those mfers raised the price   UNTIL YOU LOOK AT THE OUNCES. Sure, one container equals the cheap bastard price at the cheap bastard’s place for getting it. I almost fell for it til I picked it up.

‘This feels funny.’

This isn't a hawk, it's a buzzard, but when they swoop down at your head, they kinda look the same.

This isn’t a hawk, it’s a buzzard, but when they swoop down at your head, they kinda look the same.

It’s in a different-shaped container and guess what? It has fewer ounces of product. You know what that means? It’s more expensive. SNEAKY!

As with everything, you have to watch them like freaking hawks.

Where was I?

I’ll pop in because there’s one in the plaza where I use the post office after work. Just walk on over and all, y’all. While I’m there, -can you sing-song as the nieces-3 do as Ta repeats her favourite things?  I price-check anything I’d normally purchase.

-are the new readers gone yet?

Since I’m Celiac, I can’t do most processed foods. Not to worry, I still drink booze and can cook up a storm, so I’m well-padded.

A coworker gets alerts from Aldi’s: this week (the first week of May 2014), they’re debuting a line of gluten free convenience foods. I nearly broke theGoogle trying to find this for you. After three attempts, I’m giving up. I just don’t effing care to advertise something I’ve never tried. BUT I saw her alert and it used little images of packages with matching branding, so you can tell they’re a GF line. There were things like PIZZA and pasta.

They’re truly stupid for not putting this out there more. Maybe they were going to do and suddenly lost the GF status due to factory mishaps. Keep an eye out if you shop at Aldi or if you are Celiac. It may be a better choice for cheap bastards like me. At least for that.

Gluten free Springy Cupcakes

I put the kids to work, of course. We made lemon gf cupcakes, then lime buttercreme (coconut oil, confectioners sugar and lime juice) frosting dyed light green, then sprinkled coconut shreds that were dyed darker green (green with a little blue).

They are rather good! #3niece was given the most demanding task of cracking open eggs. #1niece held melting oil (safety as she’s eldest) and #2niece got to run the 350 watt Kitchaid Stabd Mixer.

The eldest two did the frosting and they all 3 sprinkled. 🙂


I was far too busy to photograph as I broke a glass yesterday! What a blooming mess that makes. I hadn’t done that in 10 years. Stoopid cervical spine.

the Bitch is Back

I’m baaaack from hols. I had a loverly time away from work.

Remember that doctor who was so horrid? Super-mean and also completely a dolt? I’m going through my pocketbook and found all these papers… -in the meantime, I have an appointment for a new interview session for a GP Tuesday next

One wad of papers was lab requisitions Doctor So and So filled out (which I never went to get as I have ZERO intention of returning — I’d rather have a med tech at a nursing home work on me and that’s not meant as an insult, I have a friend who just got hired in that position and at least she can take a pulse and BP).

Where was I?

Of the 4 pages thick of requisitions, NUMBER ONE was? Celiac test.

Let’s scroll back a tic for the new readers: I have Celiac Disease. It’s a big part of my life since it means that I can’t eat anything I didn’t prepare in my sterile kitchen. It controls my life, as I need to eat.

Here’s the tricky bit that you may not know but a DOCTOR CALLING FOR A TEST SHOULD: one must ingest gluten daily for at least 2 straight weeks before having this test. I told the doctor that I’ve been gf for over 2 years, closer to 3 years. This stuff would be in my medical records.

But it would cost a lot of money for my insurance company to pay.

I would love to blame this doctor for gouging the insurance company, for bilking them out of hundreds of dollars, but I don’t believe it was on purpose. I believe this is one MORE example of incompetence.

Again: I do not expect everybody to know this. I expect a doctor who called for an expensive test to know it. My other doctors know it as soon as I mention Celiac. One even asked me if I’d go back to eating gluten so he could get a current marker on how high my antibodies go up.

He’s just asked me to poison myself for two weeks so he could satisfy an academic itch. I didn’t even have to say anything. From the look on my face, he said, ‘Oh. I don’t suppose I’ll ever seen you again.’

‘Why don’t you take this tablespoon of arsenic a day and come back to me in 2 weeks?’ Sound pretty fucking cuckoo, doesn’t it?

He knew better. Dr. So and So didn’t. Whether or not, you have to ask what’s going on with your practitioners.