cookie redux: Peppermint Mocha (options available)

cookie redux: Peppermint Mocha (options available)

This was so good that I only made it one other time. That’s because I gobble them up! Great flavours here. Enjoy!

They do not taste weird in anyway…everybody loves them! Just don’t prattle on about them being grain and dairy free 🙂


‘Now bring us some figgy…pinwheels’

I love a traditional Christmas pudding as much as the next chubby chick but I can’t be bothered. (with hard sauce, please)

Finished fig pinwheel cookieI did bother with these Figgy Pinwheels (gluten-free, of course). After making them, I started thinking about the PRICE. That was over $15 for about 25. Eating for the Celiacs is usually not more expensive because I pretty much eat meat and freggies. It’s when you buy ready-made OR make a faux food (de-glutenizing ‘normal’ recipes), it starts racking up change.

reminds me of dad, though

reminds me of dad, though


They are tasty and received the coveted and rare 2 thumbs up from my father. Okay, that’s not dad. He has less hair and drinks his beer from the tin.



Figs sautéed in pomegranate juice

Sauté dried figs in pomegranate juice (I lucked out, the pommie juice was on super-sale or I’d never have bought it).



Fig fillingAdd maple syrup and process.





In case you’ve never seenBlanched almond flour blanched almond flour… I’ve used both natural and blanched. Blanched is lighter and less grainy, methinks. It also costs more! I typically keep natural. I’ve mentioned previously, often beats everybody else’s prices and their quality is better IMO. BUT you pay SHIPPING and that’s painful. 😦



Pinwheel fig cookie batter

Mix dry ingredients together in separate bowl. Mix wet ingredients together in separate bowl (usual drill). Combine. Chill.




Fig pinwheel roll

Roll dough. Top with filling. Form into log/ pinwheel shape. Slice and bake. They rolled theirs thinner but to be honest, I didn’t have room! I considered doing two but couldn’t be bothered. This is rather a long haul for cookie-baking.

NOTE: recipe seems to use 2T maple syrup the way I read it but I only used one in the filling.




Banana Oat ‘cookies’

both kinds!

both kinds!

I finally tried Cassey Ho’s (blogilates) recipe. Naturally, I didn’t actually follow it! I did 2 runs:

Vanilla & Cinnamon Banana Oat Smoosh:
• 1 small to medium RIPE banana
• 1C rolled oats (GF if you’re Celiac)
• 1T ground cinnamon
• 1t vanilla extract (GF …)

Smoosh togethwr and make flat circles on pan of choice (I used my ancient cast iron Le Creuset, which isn’t a normal choice! Just use something that won’t stick).

Bake at 350F / til done…that’s what you get for reading. Hillbilly’s blog!

Chocolate Banana Oat Smoosh
• 1 small-medium RIPE banana
• 1C rolled oats (yaddayadda)
• 4T Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder (mine’s from Trader Joes)

Same baking as above.

I prefer the taste of the chocolate version. Anybody who has used that product knows it’s gritty (even with thorough blending) and not exactly delicious ‘chocolate.’ It works well here, though! I chose it over baking cocoa cos I thought protein would be good in this NATURALLY SUGAR-FILLED Smoosh 🙂

GF Peppermint Mocha (or Peppermint Fudge or plain Fudge) Cookies

ouf! I should’ve cleaned that plate!

2 1/4 C confectioners sugar
1/4 t salt
1 t espresso powder 
3/4 C cocoa (Dutched)
1/4 C carob powder (substitution isn’t necessary, you can go all cocoa but I like carob)
3 large egg whites
1 t vanilla and 1 t peppermint extract for Peppermint Mocha 

OR omit espresso powder for peppermint fudge

OR omit espresso powder and peppermint, use only vanilla extract for plain fudge


Mix all in bowl (I used a stand mixer) til smooth and “glassy.” Dump about 1 T at a time onto GREASED (I used spray “pam-like” stuff) cookie tins. Cookie batter will SPREAD a lot.

Bake at 350F for 5-8 minutes. They crack (supposed to do that!) and be careful not to burn. There’s a lot of sugar in these!

COOL COMPLETELY ON TIN before removing.

My elderly parents both loved them and I did, too. 🙂 Bit too much sugar for my system but they’re tasty for non-GF folks.