Christmas Eve Dragon

Along with this week’s WTF Wednesday (and other posts as I cleaned out a disused desk), I found this jolly feller.

My guess is he was a drawring to amuse the nieces-3.



WTF Wednesday, I made a drawring

Again, digging through my drawers -I said it I unearthed this. NOW! What’s Speshul, that I won’t share in specifics, is an essay on the back, à la Art School style, explaining why I used this and that in which way and my feelings on what I meant to achieve v how I felt it turned out.

It’s not dated but from the material and what I was banging on about, this is late 90s, after I was long out of school. 

Briefly, -when am I? I didn’t feel the piece achieved what I wanted. I think it’s funny that it survived–with materials, not finished work. I reckon that I wanted another go, using my critique. 


drawrings, 25 May 2015

I was meant to be doing job applications but felt like drawing this:

People who’ve known me a long time will recall that I like to sketch and I love animals, so that’s what happens.

I didn’t really like that bunneh.

• so I gave him a face 

• then felt like drawing a turtle but couldn’t think of a face, so I gave him an obligatory hard hat, then a face

• then I wanted to draw an owl with muttonchops but he looked like somebody’s dad so I gave him a spring of receding hair & a belt

• then I thought of the little moths my mammy called Millers, which like to eat curtains

• the obvious next thing was a squirrel who was having some difficulty counting his knitting stitches

None of it is good but hey, it’s something.


that’s not a bruise

not a bruise blue markerI do/ say/ think/ am-done-to a lot of silly shite.

I get a 30 minute lunch break. On it, I do a 25 minute meditation every day. When I’m on the ranch, I don’t need to meditate. Not seeing people, being able to walk around nekkid if I please, is relaxation enough!

I came in and a theCad approached our small group discussion (slackers). He lightly grabbed my wrist and started coloring a rectangle. I assumed that it was Christmas-related because we were talking about Christmas festivities. At some point, he looked up. ‘Aren’t you going to stop me?’

‘I was waiting to see what you were drawing.’

‘Oh. I just wanted to hear you yell at me.’

‘You know I just came in from meditating, I’m relaxed. I honestly don’t care if you draw on my arm.’

heidelberg offset printing press

heidelberg offset printing press

Another coworker looked over. ‘That’s a Sharpietko total knock out cleanser. They’re permanent. Get ready to wear that a while.’

I went into the press room and used MasterMike’s TKO. It wasn’t a total knock out. I was still tagged. I reckon in a couple of days it’ll be gone.