Easter blog-dition

for many years of blogging–even pre-Vox, I’ve shared the ‘my arse hurts’ meme.

Several years ago, there was a major turn towards ‘butt’ from the interweb as children took over.

I did find this updated version that at least refers back to… Ass.



Happy Easter if you celebrate!

Thoughts to ponder: As ham is traditional fare for Christendom, this is a slap in the face of Jews everywhere, from illiterate asses who claim ‘your people killed my Lord’ not knowing Jesus was Jewish.



MT’s Easter Tradition: my arse hurts

I was posting this before I was MT! -and I’ve been MT since 2006!!!  Unfortunately, I lost my original art more than once. So, it changes from time to time. I’d make my own iteration but for goodness’ sakes, it’s been done. That said, I’ll re-share. Again.

my ass hurts what bunnies easter

Beware the Easter Bunneh

As a Celiac Survivor, let me tell you one thing:

Even your typically gluten-free candy MAY be contaminated for holiday-issues. That can mean holiday shapes or wrapping. They combine lines. I know this because I’ve rung the candy makers. If you’re concerned, don’t eat the candy til you know.

For many years, I’ve reposted that old saw with the two chocolate bunnies saying, ‘my ass hurts’ and ‘what?’ Kids these days prefer ‘butt.’ #googlethatshite

In defiance of ‘butt’ over ‘ass,’ I’m posting this.

grumpy cat easter