aerial photography

Look at that blue! 100% real, no filter.

Whole lot going on, the old tv aerial, the MOON, one of the chimneys, electric wire that goes from the house to the old barn and 2 rooftops!


Off-kilter Shi[l]tter

Plumber returned for my bday and worked from 15h til after 0h.

My bunion hurts from being on my feet so long. 

You may remember Plumber?

Regular readers will recall at El Rancho Reedo, we are the help.

Plumber is AKA Brother. Who is not licensed or certified in anything but he did wipe out my vodka and rum and knocked back about a sixer from Spike’s Milwaukee’s Best stores.

He fixed my toilet after putting in the new floor. 

 He used leveller but for shits and grins I ought to video a marble rolling around…

Easier to show the  toilet, which Plumber says is as good as it’s going to be (in fairness, the flange was broken by the jackhammerers, which may interfere).


Drunk-arsed Brother’s New Floor Tap: