This is what it looks like — America’s #1 Killer

I had noooo idea this is what it looked like. WOW!

Everybody should watch this–even if you’re super-healthy! Thanks to Laurie for sharing it with me. If you don’t have 2.5 minutes, skip to 1:00.

(as always, I have zero medical training–do your own research & get health assessments)



Goals? How about avoid THIS

Goals? How about avoid THIS

Mum’s were too bad to ‘clear.’ They chopped hers out and ‘transplanted’ arteries from her leg into the heart. My mother weighs under 80lb. She’s not fat.

a) it’s genetic, sure

b) while she doesn’t eat much, she’s a grain-eating fool

You know what grain is used for in ranching, right?

As oft-mentioned, I grew up on a working ranch. Our cattle (sheep, goats, mules and horses) were grazed. The hogs were pretty much grain-fed (hrm!) with additional ‘slop’ (which could contain things like chicken heads I’d just wrung or lopped off with an axe — my version of keeping it real is realer than most!).

Grain-feeding makes sickly mammals. They’re fat and weak. This is not in dispute.

Ranchers have always known this! That’s why, one month prior to auction, we GRAINED THEIR ARSES TO MAKE THEM CHUBBY.

(it’s like giving them cake with ice cream for all meals) *

I had no idea clogged arteries looked like that. I showed it to several friends who had no idea, one of which worked as a medic in the Armed Forces for over 20 years.

* I’m not saying eating a diet full of grains guarantees this. I haven’t consulted my Augury yet. We all know a diet high in grains makes fatty bodies. We’ve known it for centuries. I’m big on middle road living, however, if coronary artery disease/ artherosclerosis/ heart disease runs in your family OR you eat lot of sugar, fat and/ or grains…remember this video. Personally, I’m regretting that ice cream supper.