Want to feel gratitude? Complain.

Man, am I a happy girl!

I used to just take crap. -still do, depending Now, I try to contact people and give them a chance to fix things.

I got another great offer from Keurig for supplies that included huge Me-Sized beverageware. After a couple of weeks, I was like, ‘Erm, where’s my stuff?’ It usually comes within a few days. After speaking to the lower-tier rep (we know how this plays), I got boosted up to the next. I should pause here. The problem — which I’d already sussed for myself before ringing — was …

Hold On To Yourself: FedEx. Remember the last time FedEx came and left me their truck?

I guess they don’t want to come at all now. They lied. They said an attempt was made at the residence but nobody answered the door. This is the family ranch. There were two adults there at the time and they’re lonely. They love nothing better than to answer the door or take phone calls from scammers trying to make a buck. They live for this.

No attempt was made. This was the real reason for calling. K needed to know that FedEx was lying. I know they’ll never stop using FedEx, it’s huge! But they need to mark down someplace that there’s an issue with a driver, a route or communication…something.

With living in the Ozarks, delivery services will hand off packages to the USPS. It’s called Rural Delivery. You can pay next-day all you want but it’ll get to El Rancho Reedo when FedEx, UPS and the USPS bloody well feel like it. This is Our Normal.

I’m not used to them lying and I’m not used to …

Needing to schedule a special delivery. Me? No, I don’t think so. You know where I live. I can write ‘Lily’ with a zip code and get something sent to the ranch. They know who I am and where I live.

Where was I? Oh. FedEx lied and now I have to schedule something with the local PO?

Back to my rep at K. ‘I’ve never seen this but it says you have to schedule, so I guess you have to–‘  -we had been speaking a long time by now, I was polite because I know it’s not K’s fault and they weren’t being rude by saying it’s my problem or anything, this was just how the discussion went

Me: My part is done. When I paid $60 for a box, that was my part. How about you refund my money and they can keep the box?

She laughed, again, we had been going back and forth over how crazy this was. I’m leaving out a lot of the crazy but in addition to lying, it had been ALL OVER THE COUNTRYSIDE yet missed our ranch!

She offered a better solution. ‘How about I refund your money and I contact this post office?’

Me: Perfect!

I’m so thankful that Keurig has a good support staff waiting there. While this may have been an unusual situation, it nevertheless happened to me. I wasn’t going to die without these mugs and pretties but I appreciate them handling FedEx’s cluster.