‘like shitting in cotton and wiping on broad leaves’

patting hair proud pleased-Gram, the Russian Jew one, not the Irish one

I got 6 hours (broken but I’m not complaining, that’s some serious sleep for me) sleep last night and from that to the second, bigger and badder, antibiotic, and time…the virus and bacterial infections seem to be dying. And I’m feeling BETTER!

-if you don’t comprehend the title’s reference, you never picked cotton in never-ending cotton fields

lucky doge!


You know how I finally -this Tuesday!  got a new GP after MONTHS of looking and waiting to be accepted and then having to do a switch? While I was there, amongst normal checking on things-things, she said, ‘You have a virus.’ I knew that I wasn’t feeling well but I wasn’t falling over dead or anything. She said, ‘run its course’ and I totally agreed.

About 24 hours later (Wed), I was well and truly sick (at work) but knew that we’re going to be down a coworker in theartdept as she’s on holiday. For me to call out sick when I knew this was going on is a Big Deal, not so much because I’m awesome (though I’d have felt guilty no matter what but especially with a person gone already) but also because things are rough all over — as you know.

doge such sick feverSo. Sick.

Virus? Yes. Add to it raging, bacterial infection.

I called out. First thing on my Sick Day, though, was ringing my brand new GP’s office.

Now, I’ve basically just shook hands with her. I know people who can’t get a ‘called-in script’ from their normal GP.

I got one. HOT DOGE! 

I’m back at work today but feel every bit as bad as Wednesday, which is better than Wednesday night through Thursday night, so I reckon the virus part may shake off in a day or two. The infection is being dealt with and I’m so freaking grateful to this new doctor!!!



I know!!! How old am I that all I talk about is finding a doctor and then needing it, so I’m super happy?

Want to feel gratitude? Complain.

Man, am I a happy girl!

I used to just take crap. -still do, depending Now, I try to contact people and give them a chance to fix things.

I got another great offer from Keurig for supplies that included huge Me-Sized beverageware. After a couple of weeks, I was like, ‘Erm, where’s my stuff?’ It usually comes within a few days. After speaking to the lower-tier rep (we know how this plays), I got boosted up to the next. I should pause here. The problem — which I’d already sussed for myself before ringing — was …

Hold On To Yourself: FedEx. Remember the last time FedEx came and left me their truck?

I guess they don’t want to come at all now. They lied. They said an attempt was made at the residence but nobody answered the door. This is the family ranch. There were two adults there at the time and they’re lonely. They love nothing better than to answer the door or take phone calls from scammers trying to make a buck. They live for this.

No attempt was made. This was the real reason for calling. K needed to know that FedEx was lying. I know they’ll never stop using FedEx, it’s huge! But they need to mark down someplace that there’s an issue with a driver, a route or communication…something.

With living in the Ozarks, delivery services will hand off packages to the USPS. It’s called Rural Delivery. You can pay next-day all you want but it’ll get to El Rancho Reedo when FedEx, UPS and the USPS bloody well feel like it. This is Our Normal.

I’m not used to them lying and I’m not used to …

Needing to schedule a special delivery. Me? No, I don’t think so. You know where I live. I can write ‘Lily’ with a zip code and get something sent to the ranch. They know who I am and where I live.

Where was I? Oh. FedEx lied and now I have to schedule something with the local PO?

Back to my rep at K. ‘I’ve never seen this but it says you have to schedule, so I guess you have to–‘  -we had been speaking a long time by now, I was polite because I know it’s not K’s fault and they weren’t being rude by saying it’s my problem or anything, this was just how the discussion went

Me: My part is done. When I paid $60 for a box, that was my part. How about you refund my money and they can keep the box?

She laughed, again, we had been going back and forth over how crazy this was. I’m leaving out a lot of the crazy but in addition to lying, it had been ALL OVER THE COUNTRYSIDE yet missed our ranch!

She offered a better solution. ‘How about I refund your money and I contact this post office?’

Me: Perfect!

I’m so thankful that Keurig has a good support staff waiting there. While this may have been an unusual situation, it nevertheless happened to me. I wasn’t going to die without these mugs and pretties but I appreciate them handling FedEx’s cluster.

p90x3 progressing! And now my bad knee hurts

Isn’t that something? When your bad knee hurting feels like a good thing. My good knee, which has recently giving me actual worry, is still tweaked but far improved, thank you. After last night’s CVX (p90x3), my bad knee is talking.

It could be the weather, too. It was -9F this morning (-23C) and waves of winter storms keep coming. Laugh. If you live long enough, your joints will talk to you about the weather, too.

Where was I? I took measurements a week early and unsurprisingly, I’ve not gotten physically smaller, what-with the eating being what it is. The upside is that my previous ‘progress’ was getting incrementally fatter. I like being tight/ dense not fluffy and puffy. I also really like fritos and chocolate and almonds and pecans…

My body might not be getting smaller but at least it’s getting stronger and more flexible. I’m feeling good about that. It’s hard to have multiple goals and show results. I think being more FUNCTIONAL is best right now and thinning out will come as I feel better and better cos I’m happier about myself when I’m a size 4. At this point a size 6 would make me giddy.

I’m noticeably (to me) more flexible, which is fantastic. I’ve practised yoga since I was a toddler (my first teacher was of some notoriety and I didn’t realise that was a thing til I got a guru who studied with her in India and was super-impressed that she had been my early teacher). This doesn’t mean that ‘I’m good.’ It means that yoga is normal. It also means that I’ve been more advanced and understand that I’m not so good at other things. You keep practising because that’s all it is. Practise.

When I do no yoga for months on end, I lose flexibility and strength. When I’m in my element, daily practise for years at a clip, I’m a fairly bendy broadlette. When I started p90x3, I couldn’t touch my toes with a straight back and ‘straight’ knees (never lock your joints).

With virtually no effort (only doing p90x3, which is THIRTY MINUTES per workout — this is not that hard, people), I’m looking less like a wooden mannequin and more like a human who needs to work on her flexibility! This is huge.

I’m stronger. I keep increasing resistance. It’s not like I can say I’m swinging a 50lb kettlebell but I did swing a 50lb bag of salt the other day and I could NOT have picked it up in December. I was too out of shape–couldn’t pick up a 40lb feed sack for Bobby. Almost but not quite. Now, I can.

For CVX, I had previously done a ‘pretend’ basketball and that was enough, for realz. Last night, I used a 3lb weight for that cardio-vascular workout. The burliest men use 12lb. Three is light but it’s heavier than AIR. Hello?!?!

I’m really proud of myself. Also, shovelling snow is easier and doesn’t put out my back. ::touch wood::

Getting REGULAR strength conditioning (and working on that flexibility) is so important. I mean, I work at a desk job, with 2-3 miles of walking around the office a day. I need something extra and I’m so happy that I can do it in 30 minutes a day. Heck, I even take off 1-2 days now and then. Come back refreshed and see better results. I’m pleased as punch!