Cooking up Plans: from Kraut to CO

My sauerkraut took three days to reach bubbling-obviously-somebody’s-happy (bacteria) stage. This is apparently not uncommon but the way I recall from making it as a kid was it got to that within ONE day. This is probably because I’m thinking of Midwest summers where it was 90+F/32+C and 100% humidity without air conditioning in the house.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, think of why we all have refrigerators in our homes: bacteri-eri-a loves warm and moist conditions.

My apartment is typically lower than the (I googled this shite) 72F most people who ferment nowadays keep their homes.

I dared dig through the cabbage leaf barrier (which was the not-so-wanted browning, which is to be expected as it’s the top, getting oxygen) to taste-test yesterday (day 4).

It was too gross for me to think about dropping it back in there. Thus we are returned to my too large plates (not a euphemism, see previous post;  my plates aren’t the same size as the plates I used as a kid but this is the same crock I used as a child in the 1970s, which my grandmother — or possibly great grandmother — used). I’ve written about my cast iron skillets. One was from my maternal great-grandmother! In the Ozarks, you keep using things until that are no longer usable. A crock and a cast iron skillet can get some travel!

Back to the kraut! I tasted it yesterday and now I’m worried that it’s far too salty. I think my error was in using my Celtic Sea Salt rather than Kosher Salt that I grew up using. The Kosher salt is smaller crumbles and I think therein my physics failed…like if you crunched those bigger chunks apart into finer grains, would they equal ‘more?’ I dunno! Ugh. The ignorance is not blissful!

grumy cat you got problemsSince I’d removed the icky cabbage leaf cover, I decided EFF IT and used one of my plates. I cannot even WAIT to kvetch about getting that plate off tonight to check it. Yay! Ugh.

Guess who texted me today?


My kindergarten teacher.

For realz! I’m in my 40s and I still get approbation from Miss B! She wuvs me, not like my parents.

Miss B went and growed up too and got married and had a baby and that baby had a baby so now she’s a granny! Crazy! Since Foster Sis invited me out, got me to buy airfare home, then planned a business trip the week I’d be there (she’ll be in Arizona, I’ll be … in her flat without transportation), MISS B is coming from like THREE hours away to pick me up and carry my overgrown American arse around for a day. HOW FUN?!

Me in 10 years

Me in 10 years

Hope she doesn’t mind that I haven’t grown out of drinking to excess…

I really hope this works out with Miss B cos what a wonderful thing to have such a relationship, huh? Not everybody keeps up with their kindergarten teacher. 🙂


Beware the Easter Bunneh

As a Celiac Survivor, let me tell you one thing:

Even your typically gluten-free candy MAY be contaminated for holiday-issues. That can mean holiday shapes or wrapping. They combine lines. I know this because I’ve rung the candy makers. If you’re concerned, don’t eat the candy til you know.

For many years, I’ve reposted that old saw with the two chocolate bunnies saying, ‘my ass hurts’ and ‘what?’ Kids these days prefer ‘butt.’ #googlethatshite

In defiance of ‘butt’ over ‘ass,’ I’m posting this.

grumpy cat easter