I dug around some more and found more pictures! That 1st one was originally titled 1973 but it was 1974. I’m chucking that post and tossing these at you. I tried to only pick photos of myself but marked over a couple for anonymity.


Had a rough start but as you can see a combo of soya and KARO fatted me up. I’d fail again and again through infancy due to introduction of wheat. They were too stupid to diagnose Celiac at the time, so my childhood was full of hippie cures and RX supplements. I also wore braces on my legs (no photos exist, it was Shameful).  


I’ve posted this before. It’s my mammy and The Duchess. She’s trying to look motherly and the mother is making sure she doesn’t drop me on my head, reaching for her White Russian.



I wore specs by age 2. There aren’t many photos of them, it was Shameful. Brother must’ve taken it as The Duchess’ back was turned.


Roomful of family, I’m hiding in a corner…

on the phone.  –this was posted on its own in error as 1973 earlier


Regular readers will remember FS is “foster sister.” What you may not know is that I had two. OFS “original foster sister” was 2 years my senior and FS is 1 year my junior. OFS was put out at age 15. Talk about “shameful?” That ain’t on her.

80s, unsure which year. 
I wore this 50s prom dress, which I’d ripped out the crinolines and lopped off as a mini, worn with fishnets and combat boots–to school. I wore it once a week and as you can see, it’s Christmastime, so even in Midwest winters. I loved it! 

I dyed my hair black off and on in the 80s and you can see my signature “Pepe Le Pew” bleached chunk. I used facial bleach to do it cos that was more cost-effective.


Touch and go on the angle up the skirt. I’m rethinking the silver tights now…

The Reed Twins have been drinking.


Young MT, De-découpagé

The Duchess brought me two foundling photos to scan. This poor sod was découpaged on a log which used to sit on our mantle.

It’s Mammy, Brother and some redheaded girl.

You’ll noticed it’s torn about the edges–don’t know if that was intentional ‘rustication’ for the craftiness or from removal from the craftiness. It’s coated in varnish, obviously. While that did damage, it’s kinda in good shape, really.

young MT: 20yo

Opened a drawer of my neglected desk and saw an old folder.

There’s me! There’s also a funny one from the same afternoon (we were standing in the green in front of the Student Union) with that lace blouse tied about my head. -was rather known for tying my hair up with a blouse instead of a kerchief and walking about in a brassière…in public OBVI

heirloom: Bicentennial Liberty Bell Cookie Jar (but more importantly MINE!!!)

As one can imagine, these centennials are cause for retrospectives, museum installations and commemorative SHITE.

Anybody who knows me at all knows that I’m, as my birth mother will tell you, ‘a Bad American.’

Of course, as the quasi-Cannuck that she is, that’s a compliment.


When I was in school, it was all.the.rage. to have bicentennial bullshit, be it jewellery, clothing (often it was the motif print, whether red, white & blue or Eagles or George Washington in silhouette…), pencil erasers (‘rubbers’) — you name it!

Mammy didn’t do so much of the buying of that lot but she got a replica of the Liberty Bell in what looks like Carnival Glass and it’s meant as a cookie jar. 

The ‘commemoration’ in the base shows a Statue of Liberty on top and 1776-1976 on the bottom. I do not quickly see a maker’s mark, which leads me to believe it’s worth nothing but my extreme sentimental value.

don’t mind Halloween garland or platter with a pentagram–that shite’s straight out mine, too

She didn’t collect cookie jars or that other commemorative crap.

I don’t recall if it was a gift at a bank for opening a new Certificate of Deposit (for large enough sums in those days, they frequently gave appliances or dishes, etc.).

What I do recall was being entranced at the replica’s details.

I also recall mammy saying ‘This is yours, when you get big.’

She kept it on the sideboard, filled with biscuits, of course!

I remember this so clearly because I’d stand on a kitchen stool, pulled over to the sideboard, tracing the details with my fingers over and over. I could have 2 biscuits but no more, so as not to waste, but it was my jar and my biscuits!

I’ve kept it packed away since my mam dropped dead getting near 20 years.

I’m using it and you know why? It’s mine. Mammy said so.

when the key to your heart is from a Spam tin, guard it safely

Found this, dust-covered, inside an ancient cup from Ballaghaderreen. –say that 3 times, quickly

I’m all: what is in this? 


::wipes off dust::

::shakes head::

That’s not my handwriting. But it is the key to a tin of Spam marked ‘LR Key.’ –for the children who now have children, Spam and other fine potted meats used to come with this ‘key,’ which you put a tab into the groove at the end and ‘rolled open’ the metal lid 

Who could argue with that?

how very of me

-part of removing all your belongings is when you put things back, you see things 

This was  ‘1/2 day’ (we’d knock off midday to go to the office Xmas Party but I always brought to work: booze, frivolity and a big smile–passing them out to coworkers throughout the morning. After that, the hooligans would go to a titty bar.

As a bonus for close-lookers, the reflection shows my tshirt, as I take this, with a pent. -HAR! Believing in everything with a solid foundation in Science saves bother.

Anyhoozles, I was aged 35 here. That’s about the last good year at that company. The next year, they made 100 humans redundant for Thanksgiving (good timing: long weekend meaning less chance of violent retribution) and then a month later, once the Xmas productions had shipped, they made another 50 humans redundant for Xmas break (again, handy timing).

We still partied but it was never the same. My 20 weeks’ unemployment is over this week. Paid in for 29 years, only drawing this year. Hard times aren’t so new to the Ozarks.

Good times aren’t either! Just as mammy always said:

We didn’t have anything, so we made our own fun.

Brasso: they still make it!

Fine Canadian product or was, as stated on my tin. 

Yes. Tin.

You can still buy it, which seems practically hard to believe as a lot of products I grew up using either failed as companies or–in the case of cleansers, wood preservers, etc.– were found unsuitable for consumer use. -read: people are too stupid to use properly OR used for the wrong purpose (huffing). My fav art markers were made illegal in 1990 when the Gov figured out people were using them more for a buzz and less for des Arts

Today’s Brasso comes in a plastic squeezy bottle.