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Our friend GOF had left blogging but revisits his WP with a missive from his ‘cousin.’


Bad Lip Reading: 1st Dem Debate 2015

I have to be honest, it has been too damned long since I fell down the rabbit hole of Bad Lip Reading. You can spend some quality time there. Perhaps my all time fav was from the 1st series of GoT…

I’m not digging through to find it but the thing that gets you about these is sometimes the lips really do look like the crazy shite they over-dub!


This did it for me. I watched it 3 times if you count the TRMS (had it on in background to hear about the GOP debate while I’m colouring in a Dias de los Muertes book) running it between breaks.

If you don’t enjoy this kind of stupidity, I don’t know what you’re doing here!

#recommended: one quote sums up why I love #BluntTalk

I’m not the first to lay laurels at the feet of critics but as I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying Blunt Talk, which I reckoned that I would when I saw Richard Lewis interviewed prior to its airing and loaded these up to watch after a couple shows had ended (ie: Extant, which I enjoy on a certain level but in retrospect after 2 series, can say is a waste of my time compared to the enjoyment I get out of something such as BT; this is not to saw Extant isn’t fine and may possibly intrigue somebody else more but honestly? I don’t think it’s the same quality writing and performance but there’s me).

Speaking of ‘there’s me,’ here’s the quote I just spotted and it blew my mind:

Brian Moylan of The Guardian states in his review, ‘Blunt Talk is an odd bird. It’s sort of like if The Newsroom and Veep had a love child and it was raised by Nanny McPhee in the Royal Shakespeare Company. It takes a close look at cable news and the personalities and celebrity involved, but it’s essentially about one man who is trying to change himself and do the right thing, but is incredibly bad at it. A crew as colorfully inept as Selina Meyer’s also surrounds him, but they don’t have the stinging bile of Veep’s crew.’

I’m a rabid Veep fan. And what’s amusing about that (to me) is that I’m not a comedy-watcher but here’s 2 that I love. Maybe I’m not an insipid comedy watcher but give me something of quality and things change.

They are different beasts, mind you, but the quality is there. Oh, yeah. The excellent Brent Spiner plays a recurring bit part as piano player, Phil.

lyin’, cheatin’, hurtin’, that’s all you seem to do

I’m so cheating on WP!

I was going to do a creative project ON wordpress cos I came here back in the late ’60s and I’m used to it but they hosed me. –‘When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour’


I went over to Weebly, which I’m not exactly convinced was the right decision but it’s a) FREE b) stoopid-easy c) FREE

By that I mean, sure, wordpress.org is free but you have to have a domain. Now, I know that you can get them cheap but I have zero income, so fuck off.

Stoopid-easy is because it’s very (well, completely can be…) visual. Yes, you can edit HTML and CSS but you can build the site or a blog or even a business site by only dragging and dropping. I’ve seen Weebly sites that look a tad, shall we say, 90s? but there are WORSE things out there. I’d probably create one if I fired up Dreamweaver CSwhichever I own. -it could be CS6 but I’m guessing more like a CS4 Plus, I haven’t used it since I took a class whenever that came out, which I’m kinda afraid was around 2006. -or earlier, I’m afraid to ask Dr. Google

Hey! My skill set is more current in other things, yo. Definitely not that, however, which probably explains my lack of gainful employment. -meaning not the redundancy cos I still pedalled rings around those aholes but compared to the Kids coming out of school? Well, I not only look like their mum but I might be as sorrowfully inept at things like code. Yes, I’ve taken classes. It doesn’t ‘stick.’

Where the hell was I?

Oh. I haven’t published the site for my wee project — which, by the way, I’ve wanted to do forever except in my dreams it was far more elaborate. It’s like when you decide to build a treehouse for the kids and then you start working on the thing.

‘Erm, why is it doing that? I haven’t even got the roof on and it’s sagging on the edges…I PUT IN SUPPORTS. WHY IS THIS CONDEMNED-BEFORE-FINISHED TREEHOUSE TRYING TO EAT MY BABIES? Ah, fuck it. I’ll toss a blanket over the dining room table. They can put a sleeping bag under there.”

Exactly like that.

Hell, I’m happy now that it’s on weebly cos you know, one less thing.

Oh, another negative: you can download your info from weebly but as far as I can tell, there’s no easy migration should you ever want to use another domain. Recall, though, their free one is you know, free. You can pay a nominal fee for upgrades or get the usual premium or even business versions, too, and always upgrade directly from the free one, so it’s not like you start over, just get extra crap. I have no plans on doing that since I don’t believe anybody but my possibly 3 readers here would stumble over there. -not that it’s live cos I technically have no content HAR!

I’m also pissed off at WP for two more reasons that I don’t want to go into but they’re bugging me, man.

Now, I have to come up with content. I don’t need a lot to start but I do need to actually throw a blanket over the frigging table, already.


*More Sylvester, out of context but FAB and you get to see some of the other famous folk: