Spring Forward: # 1niece’s peach tree

The buds are just starting! It has been WELL below freezing for weeks but mental Midwest weather has reminded us that it can get warm fast. – 60 degree F shifts in a given day has never been unusual here

Insects and plants alike are waking up!


THAT’S how fast a tornado can be

This was the itty-bittiest of tornadoes but it was a real one, touching down Saturday afternoon, north of St. Louis (our nearest city).

It’s typical, too: you go, ‘meh, thunderstorm, wait…is that a funnel? Oh, man! Lookie thar!’

Somebody else says, ‘Get away from the windows!!’ -stoopid

They’re heading away, you hear sort of a thud and then it’s over. Those are bricks the building was pummeled with for you know, 2 seconds. Some tornadoes ‘sit’ on you. Most pop down and up. If you had been outside, that wall of bricks wouldn’t have cared you were human.

Talk about getting shredded at the gym?

Glad they were okay but I also don’t watch TV, so there could’ve been dog-knows-what. Again, this was the tiniest recordable tornado and that brief. It would still have killed you.

To Ta from # 2niece

They were out for a day trip to El Rancho Reedo.

We should remember the importance of the written word, whether for art or etiquette.

Duct tape: it’s a thing with kids, not just your shiny silver. There are allsorts now and each girl got a wild print. Drink mix: premium COCKTAIL -thank you mix that I never used last Christmas. If you don’t put vodka in, it’s just cranberry-tangerine. Car: The Duchess’ new Cadillac. You read that right. The Beatles shirt: I’m always in possession of a few. I was going to donate this to a charity shop but recalled the girls all love them, so let them fight over it. –HAR

Bobby: obviously!