‘Summer and lightning’

Jeff Lynn reference

Last night. At 00:11:30, I jump:)

The colors are real.


So it begins…5 January 2014

They predicted desperate weather. My response was, ‘if they can’t get what’s going to happen by day’s end, how can I get overwrought about 3-5 days from now?’

So far, they’ve been correct if you don’t count they’ve needed to make it worse and worse.

We’ve have Begun. I spent about 20 out of 30 minutes clearing Mum’s sat dish and doing minimal walkways.



While the snow is sizeable (for us, we don’t get Lake Effect snow down this way), it’s DRY (‘powder’ and that means LIGHT, thank dog) and less of a snow-weight-disaster risk.

They’re calling for twice this amount.

Snow isn’t my dread and Bobby loves it.

I’m worried about temps. It’s normal for the Ozarks to get single (Fahrenheit) digits. It is not normal to have them sustained, or heaven’s forbid, to drop lower. That’s Northerly weather! We don’t keep engine block heaters here, for example. We have lined, waterproof boots but not the very thick ones that provide not only extra insulation but also that ‘cushion of air.’ I know about these things because I was raised by quasi-Canadians (from UP, for those in the know–people here don’t even know what the UP is-HAR!(.

-are the new readers gone yet?

Anyway, the news is reminding us (since we’re not accustomed to this) to stay indoors as any exposed skin can freeze in a moment when it’s this cold.

Hoosierville and I don’t mean Indiana’aaaans

When you live in the sticks, you drive with trucks. Usually, they’re hauling trailers, whether horse trailers or those long, flat dudes with landscaping equipment and by that I mean Caterpillars and Bobcats. We get roofers, too.

this kind of caterpillar

this kind of caterpillar

not this, they go even slower

not this, they go even slower

I would LOVE to own one of these babies!

I would LOVE to own one of these babies!

already have enough of these

already have enough of these

these go slower than the insect caterpillars!

these go slower than the insect caterpillars!






Let’s backtrack about that title. In my region, ‘hoosier’ is an epithet people might use to describe me:

a member of the lowest class who is ignorant and proud of it

It’s a long-standing, snort-acious funneh that people from Indiana brag about being The Hoosier State. -HAR!

There are varying levels of ‘hoosier.’ Somebody of the higher classes certainly consider me a hoosier (n., ‘what a hoosier’) or could apply its adjective form, also hoosier (adj., ‘she’s so hoosier!’). But amongst the low class, ignorant masses from whence I come, I’m not considered hoosier at all. ‘She’s a Lady.’ I even passed in town at the fancy, liberal, private university — til something would slip. Then, they were all confusion because ‘She wasn’t hoosier, so how could she be a hoosier?’


After working over 17 years with a bunch of hoosiers, I have to admit, I’ve become more hoosier.

Let’s be clear: One is not low class nor ignorant for driving a big truck for work. When one chooses to drive a big truck and it’s not for work? I gotta wonder. You must make a ton of money from cooking meth, eh? Cos driving the commute we have to get to town (an hour each way and that’s in optimal conditions), it burns a lot of fuel!

I opt for a sub-compact cos I don’t believe in torching 2-3 $20 bills each day on fuel. One’s enough.

However, as you can imagine, I can’t see shite…ever due to these trucks. I mean, that’s just a truck, not even the work trucks or the heavy equipment haulers. In case you ever wonder where in the world they park or come from to get to work at your house or business? Out by me. They all live here.