MHM Missouri History Museum (and more Forest Park free stuff)

We had a family outing to St. Louis’ Forest Park. The park itself is well worth book-length history lessons and many fabulous stories have come from its years! What I’ll say here is that Missourians vote to pay higher taxes so that our public (and any visitors) can luxuriate in culture…for free. It’s one of the reasons families tour St. Louis. -get here but your day trips can be at no additional charge — of course, there are many things that cost money but the cultural stuff? Free. Even The Muny* offers free seats.

Yesterday, we went to the Missouri History Museum (amongst other things).

• A Walk in 1875 St. Louis (site and ‘trailer’)

State of Deception (pdf to download & read)

• The 1904 World’s Fair: Looking Back at Looking Forward (site and ‘trailer’)


* The Muny is a for-real theatre; however, it’s basically the greatest hits of theatre and very often musicals. Hey, they sell. If you cannot afford tickets, don’t pay anything. Jeez. What does it take to make you happy, free seats? If you want to go crazy and get the most expensive tickets, they’re $581 for the entire season. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

These are Forest Park highlights, which is by no means the full listing. There are too many to put on one calendar, so you’ll have to go to individual specialties. For example, they didn’t even list the Shakespeare Festival (again, free), which we have yearly during summer. It’s called In The Park.