Frog Went A’ Courtin’, my musical influences

When I was little, we were taught folk songs in school. We had alternating Music and Art (more like crafts) teachers. 

My extended family was musical and they played folk music–some professionally “down t’ Nashville.”

My nuclear family listened to mostly rock but were also fans of Bossa Nova and Classical.

But what I played was folk, given the people around.

Having nothing to do with this photo, apart from looking at it started Frog Went a’ Courtin’ earwig, I wanted to share both.

My hat sports a rooster motif. 


like being surrounded by family

I mean the good ones who were dying off when I was a kid (I’ll be 43 in October, my grandparents were born in the 1880s).

Hillbillies made their own fun, not having electricity. A lot of that was through the music. Some was funny, some was spooky (finding your returned love to be a spirit) and a lot had a spiritual theme.

The always different, usually delightful (listen locally on FM 88.1 or online at KDHX.ORG) just played this gem.

Rank Stranger:

What was your first CD? And…Shirley Temple’s dead

You could break this down to the various methods of listening but in particular, CD?

Of my age group, virtually every answer is, ‘…but it was a gift.’ They were new to us and as a young adult (teen but I moved out at age 15) trying to make ends meet, I didn’t own a CD player for several years. I held onto that CD gift, though! They cost about 40USD for your ‘LP’ (not box set) CD in my area. That’s WHEN THEY FIRST CAME OUT. I don’t know how to cypher the inflation on that to see what it would be in today’s USD but holy crap!

EDIT: I found this calculator for adjustment. It says $99.16. That’s what I mean when I say ‘most my age received as gifts.’ 

Mine was Duran Duran. I felt like a rock star to own a CD, even that I couldn’t listen to yet!

record player boxI got a hand-me-down electric record player that folded up and looked a bit like a hat box. Even the youngsters probably have seen what I mean in old movies. I had a book with 45 record about Henny Penny (a gift) and one that had ‘The Good Ship Lollipop’ * on one side, can’t recall the other (also a gift). My first purchased 45 was Queen. I did a lot of 45s because that’s all the money I could get together. I scavenged others and finally started scavenging LPs. I cannot recall my first but I know that I only had like FIVE forever: ELO, Jimi Hendrix, CSNY, The Beatles and Gordon Lightfoot. I also had access to 8 Tracks but only when people were gone, as I didn’t have a player. I got my first CD player in the 1990s. I still have a record player — a much nicer one that was part of a component system but gave away my vinyl back in the 80s when I had to move out. I’ve done a blog post about the ones nobody would take — still have those gnarly things in the barn, of all places.

* Oh, and Shirley Temple is dead. We weren’t close but I did have that record.

Thomas Dolby for my birthday

I know, people are probably saying, ‘SCIENCE!’


classic by Edward Young

classic by Edward Young

I’ve been a fan of Mr. Robertson since I was erm, rather young. The Flat Earth spirited a barefoot, younger Lily away from the forests of the Ozark Mountains into Rainforests* — or strands of England**, even under the seas, in ‘One of Our Submarines (from the later Golden Age of Wireless).

As an adult, I got to revisit Europa with Eastern Bloc (with Eddie Van Halen in tow).

But to my mind? It doesn’t really get any better than Dolby+George Clinton.*** I mean, sheeitt! Somehow managed to get Mr. Clinton between stints in the pokey. Bless him.

...and your father

…and your father

Thomas Dolby né TMR is appearing in St. Louis (and roundabouts the US) supporting his latest multi-media joint, The Invisible Lighthouse. Since it’s currently not quite my birthday and that show is just after, I’m gifted with VIP tickets. Having never seen him live, I’m beside myself. I can’t decide if I should get shit-faced or not. Usually shit-faced is a good plan for birthday celebrations -yours, mine or surely it’s SOMEBODY’S but VIP means that poor bastard is going to come face to face with me. Having dealt with Mr. Clinton, surely he can keep his composure. I won’t.

God Bless Us, Everyone.

* That’s a much older man lip-syncing to much younger man’s song. Pretty cool, eh?

** The much younger man, doing his thing, which is remarkably close to what I’ll be seeing next month.

*** That’s the cleaned-up version. The original is ‘drop some bombs on Maggie Thatcher or Ronald Reagan,’ which spoke to my disenfranchised, poverty-stricken, yet news-reading and free-thinking younger self…Allegedly.

‘Shameless’ in Colorado

I got here and immediately Foster-Sis’ left the state. I have been house-bound (really, you can’t safely hike the area as I’d normally have done due to the fact that I’m alone, bears and mountain lions are active – there have been a couple of mountain lion attacks in the past month, which is more than I need).

I don’t care what anybody says: I’m a hillbilly. I’m pretty idiotic-fearless and I know how to deal with bobcats. Mountain lions? I’ve been trained since I was a baby because we have them, too. We haven’t had attacks in decades, though. Our population in the Ozarks is very low (lions and hillbillies). One thing I also know: humans do not win a fight with a mountain lion. Knowing ‘what to do’ in hopes of spooking them off is your only hope. Good luck with that. Not this hillbilly! You have to figure, the girl who picks up snakes, kills animals by ripping off their heads, can shoot well…she says eff mountain lions? There’s something there.

What have I done? I watched the second series of Homeland-finally. It is still on long wait list at Netflix. You’ll recall I can’t do streaming as I don’t have internet at home (just my iPhone on data and tethering is not an option with my ancient contract). 

I soaked up Homeland and FS got me on Shameless. It’s funny. It’s too familiar! 

The music’s good! I found these lists but there’s no pre-compiled music to buy. Some I don’t care for but all in all, I give big props to the selection. Lists allow preview but you have to purchase them on your own.

S01 from 8-20 songs per episode!

S02 from 10-31 songs per episode!

S03 from 19-30 songs per episode!

That’s a lot of music.


vintage vinyl (Lily’s Scratchy Records*)

There’s still a record store called Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis, although it’s not the original shop. They moved into the old Walgreens back in (I think) the late 1980s. The original VV was a favorite hangout. It had hardly any space to squeeze through if somebody else was in the rat-track between stacks. And hey, I was a much skinnier broad-lette back then, too!

Anyhoozles. Some of the vinyl below was purchased there. I can only tell if the sticker says so. I have only one clear memory of a purchase from these photos. I used to buy something now and then on a whim. The Transvision Vamp vinyl was chosen based upon the dude on the cover trying so fecking hard to look like Sid Vicious. It cracked me up. I was like, ‘Dude! Alright, already. I’ll buy your shit album. Hope it’s better than shit…” I didn’t care for it — neither did anybody I knew at the time.

I don’t remember that but I know one thing about these extant LPs:

I was late to replacing vinyl with CDs because I didn’t have loads of money (CDs could cost like $40 back then and that was back then. I guess that’s like saying $60 now…Anyway, point is:

As I upgraded to digital, I gave away my albums (nobody would pay money for old vinyl then).

These discs only exist because they had NO TAKERS.

The LPs and EPs were shoved into boxes that have huddled behind a sofa in the tack room (climate-controlled) of a barn for years and years!

Apparently, nobody else liked Duran Duran:

duran duran 1 duran duran 2 duran duran 3

This is a mixture of my stuff and Brother’s. The Martin Mull and Disco Bill, for example, aren’t mine. Take note of the fabu local bands: Mama’s Pride and Head East. Laibach (covering Beatles songs) was an hilarious find, too.

miscellaneous vinyl albums 1 miscellaneous vinyl albums 2 miscellaneous vinyl albums 3 miscellaneous vinyl albums 4

* I borrowed the by-line from Bob’s Scratchy Records. I highly recommend (listen online if you’re not a local!). They’re the only radio station worth listening to and what you get at any given time is completely different music styles. As they say, ‘All of the hits, none of the time.’


The image below are my mother’s albums. In that box was also a bisection of a tree (cut so you see the rings of the tree) with a painting of Jesus knocking on a door and two candle sticks. Treasures, all, I suppose.

mum's albums