Review: Rainbow Light Protein Energizer (gluten free)

I reported my protein supplement’s gluten-free (plus dairy-free) status was revoked.

It’s a chore. While I love eating real, whole foods for nutrition, it’s wonderful to have an easy option when you don’t have time or need to take something ‘ready made’ with you. I began strength training again this week, so I absolutely need my protein!

The other thing I liked about the promise of this supplement is all the amino acids and digestive benefits, obviously, if I have problems digesting!  This is my best replacement, considering all issues (Celiac, then cannot do dairy and I avoid a bunch of other things that are reactive to autoimmune).

Rainbow Light Protein Energizer

Product Highlights

  • Delivers 14 g of nutrient-rich and gluten-free brown rice protein to support healthy energy levels throughout the day*
  • 80 mg Herbal Blend helps promote energy and stamina, with stimulant-free adaptogenic herbs, including eleuthero, American ginseng, and rhodiola*
  • 720 mg of nourishing green foods, including spinach, kale and organic spirulina, provide whole food nutrition and fuel for natural energy.*
  • Natural digestive support with broad-spectrum, plant-source enzymes and 3 g of fiber per serving.*
  • VeganGuard®: Free of animal products
  • Allergen SafeGuard®: Contains no gluten, soy, yeast, milk, eggs, nuts, fish or shellfish
  • 100% Natural — Free of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and additives


Lily Likes: I haven’t reacted badly to it any time I’ve used it! I plan on continuing to use this product. I love many of the ingredients in it, although I’m not using this as a daily supplement.

Downside: it’s gritty. Protein powders are. Its grit is more sand-like than flake or fibre-like, if you’ve used many brands, you’ll know what I mean! It’s too sweet for my preference but that may be a plus for others.





Protein Energizer™ Chocolate is a convenient, great-tasting source of protein and energy support. This high-protein, low-fat, and low-carbohydrate shake provides 14 g of brown rice protein, targeted superfoods, botanicals, fiber, as well as digestion-supporting enzymes for comprehensive energy and stamina support.* Rainbow Light’s formula is 100% natural and free of artificial colors, flavors sweeteners, preservatives or other additives. Protein Energizer™ Chocolate is gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free and a great choice for people with allergy concerns. It is free of most common allergens, including soy, yeast, milk, eggs, nuts fish and shellfish. It is also vegan, vegetarian and free of animal products. Protein Energizer™ can be mixed with a favorite beverage for a healthy, delicious, immediate protein boost!

Protein from Nutrient-Rich Brown Rice

Protein Energizer™ Chocolate delivers 14 g of brown rice protein to support healthy energy throughout the day.* Non-allergenic brown rice is an easy-to-digest, gluten-free source of protein and provides a complete amino acid profile.

Targeted Herbal Blend Promotes Energy and Stamina

An 80 mg Energizing Herbal Blend, (equivalent to 402 milligrams of herbal powder), is complete with stimulant-free adaptogenic herbs, including eleuthero, American ginseng and rhodiola, that help promote energy and stamina.*.

Superfoods Deliver Nutrition and Support Energy

720 mg of nourishing green foods, including 200 mg of organic spirulina, along with kale, spinach, and beet, provide whole food nutrition and fuel for natural energy.*

Fiber and Plant-Source Enzymes Promote Natural Digestion

Each serving of Protein Energizer™ Chocolate provides 3 g of fiber in every serving to support regularity and heart health and to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels already within a normal range.* Broad-spectrum, plant-source enzymes, including 30,000 PU of bromelain, 4,500 HUT of protease, and 352.5 DU of amylase, break down protein for optimum assimilation and energy release with no noticeable stomach upset or bloating.*

Purity Guarantee: Vegan; Free of Most Common Allergens; Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Lactose-Free & 100% Natural

Protein Energizer™ Chocolate is VeganGuard® guaranteed to be free of animal products. It is Allergen SafeGuard® guaranteed to contain no gluten, soy, yeast, milk, eggs, nuts, fish or shellfish. Protein Energizer™ Chocolate is also sugar-free, lactose-free and guaranteed to be 100% natural, containing no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives or additives.


Deconstructed candy bar

•Young coconut (20g)
•Dried cherries (20g)
•Dried blueberries (20g)
•Raw Almonds (8 count)

It’s SOOOOO sweet and delicious! Of course it’s very high in natural sugars, so if that’s a problem for you, treat it like you would any candy bar.


deconstructed candy bar

Tilapia-Turkey Soup

I can’t think of a better name! It’s really more like tilapia cauliflower or leftovers and tilapia. See? If you have a better name, leave it in comments 🙂

I’ve got a cold / flu / lupus-flare going on, so I’ve been a mess. Yesterday, I had to prepare work lunches. Since I’m not 100%, I wanted to do something easy. Soup can be easy. Soup made from leftovers is even easier.

I had some frozen turkey stock I’d prepared long ago, frozen tilapia fillets and some cauliflower and carrots that I wanted to use.

I put about 2T EVOO in the bottom of a stainless steel, heavy-bottomed skillet. I put the heat on lowest setting (“simmer”) and added pearl onions (lazy-bones–they’re pre-cleaned!) and one clove garlic (love garlic but have been avoiding since it’s red-listed for people with lupus–one clove for an entire pot of soup can’t be that bad!).

I sautéed them, then added to it pre-steamed cauliflower and carrots and one boiled and peeled potato, sliced thinly (again, these are leftovers). I stirred them and increased the heat. I then took about 1t of cornstarch (prior to be gluten-free, I’d have used flour) and mixed it in into about 1/2C cold stock. I put it into the pan with the vegetables and stirred (hoping to thicken into a sauce). To my dismay, it didn’t thicken (I tried a second go and it also failed).

Since it’s soup anyway, I said “never mind” and added the rest of the stock (about 3C), stirred well, then raised the heat to a boil. While it was heating, I cut the thawed tilapia fillets in half, then strips across. I added them to the boiling stock, turned off the burner and stirred. As the outsides and edges turned white, I removed the pan from the burner. A couple of minutes later, I ensured the fish was done (looked white and then broke one piece to check for “flaking”). It was done.

Liquid Gold, I say!

I’m new to cornstarch as gluten-free thickener. I knew to pre-mix it in cold fluid, so no lumps but it didn’t discernibly thicken! It’s quite delicious, though. 🙂

Because of the potato and cauliflower, the soup could easily have been cooled (for safety), food-processed to “creaminess” (the potato starches would provide a thickness/ smoothness) and then heated again to cook the fish. I didn’t feel like all that — it tastes the same anyway…


Tilapia-Turkey Soup

(measurements are estimates*)

  • 2 frozen fillets of tilapia
  • 3C turkey stock
  • 3C cauliflower and carrots (total)
  • 1 boiled & peeled potato
  • 1/2C onion
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 2T EVOO
  • 2t (heaping) cornstarch (although it didn’t seem to do anything for me!)
Since the ingredients are leftovers/ prepared stock, I didn’t need to add salt, pepper or spices, although you should season to taste.
* Growing up on a working ranch; I was taught to cook as my father had been taught by his Irish mother. I cooked for the family from age 8 but that meant everything was either fried or boiled to death! I rarely fry now but still cook simply most of the time. I still don’t like to measure 🙂