screen time

I have been spending so much time applying for jobs online…and watching 2 new shows.

New to me!

I was intrigued by the idea of ‘Fargo’ the programme (loved the film back in the day) and was not particularly interested in ‘Orange is the New Black’ due to reverberating nightmares from my mammy watching years of ‘Women of Cellblock H.’ -wasn’t that what it was called? I hated that. I wanted to watch ‘Fantasy Island.’

Fargo isn’t as fun (early into the series) as the film BUT Freeman and Thornton are pleasures to watch perform!

OITNB started off a bit slowly -I was warned of this  but then I started getting into the characters. For me, it’s always about characters. I watched six hours between the two this week. That’s me watching SIX HOURS OF ANYTHING ACROSS 4 NIGHTS.

I don’t do that!

working class dogeBack to the online applications thing. Let me tell you something, it’s not easy. You think it sounds like an advance but ATS and the like mean you have to consider different things, not just the different things per placement, which of course needs tweaking.

I’m eclectic:

•Lockheed Martin

•Director of Levi Strauss’ Youth Branding

•County Library HQ

•St. John’s Mercy

and many more! The thing is, it’s not just your résumé you’re uploading. Even if they allow it, there are pages and pages to fill out and I don’t mean your common application that they’ve put online. I’m sure those exist if you’re looking for a part-time job at McDonalds but that’s not what I’m doing.

In some cases, it’s the equivalent of say 50 pages of info — which btw, you’ve already included via cover letter, résumé and PREVIOUS pages on their online tour de farce.

Sheeit. Lockheed Martin had less security questions and psych profiles than the county!

Mostly, I spend a lot of time finding positions that have already been filled, which you learn after wasting another half hour on that one position. I’m sure the ones they’ve allowed you to fill out are already filled, as well. I prefer the times when I can roll up and hand my résumé to a person.

I know a lot of retired people, who no longer have connections. Bleurg. I also know a lot of out of work people, who don’t want to hear about your job search since you already have one. Heh. Awwww.