#recommended: one quote sums up why I love #BluntTalk

I’m not the first to lay laurels at the feet of critics but as I’m THOROUGHLY enjoying Blunt Talk, which I reckoned that I would when I saw Richard Lewis interviewed prior to its airing and loaded these up to watch after a couple shows had ended (ie: Extant, which I enjoy on a certain level but in retrospect after 2 series, can say is a waste of my time compared to the enjoyment I get out of something such as BT; this is not to saw Extant isn’t fine and may possibly intrigue somebody else more but honestly? I don’t think it’s the same quality writing and performance but there’s me).

Speaking of ‘there’s me,’ here’s the quote I just spotted and it blew my mind:

Brian Moylan of The Guardian states in his review, ‘Blunt Talk is an odd bird. It’s sort of like if The Newsroom and Veep had a love child and it was raised by Nanny McPhee in the Royal Shakespeare Company. It takes a close look at cable news and the personalities and celebrity involved, but it’s essentially about one man who is trying to change himself and do the right thing, but is incredibly bad at it. A crew as colorfully inept as Selina Meyer’s also surrounds him, but they don’t have the stinging bile of Veep’s crew.’

I’m a rabid Veep fan. And what’s amusing about that (to me) is that I’m not a comedy-watcher but here’s 2 that I love. Maybe I’m not an insipid comedy watcher but give me something of quality and things change.

They are different beasts, mind you, but the quality is there. Oh, yeah. The excellent Brent Spiner plays a recurring bit part as piano player, Phil.


Fini: Les Revenants, zombies élégants

Wow! I’m so happy that I decided to watch this mini-series when I’d never heard of it. It came recommended by Netflix or Amazon.com — whoever ‘knows’ my taste. I often like those recommendations (can’t say that about all services who hit for your general demographic but don’t bother ‘botting you to see what you’re actually about), so I grabbed E01 and let it sit forever.

Finally watched it and was like, this is intriguing, right?! As I watched more, I liked it even better. I gave myself a teensy spoiler when I googled (after E03) to see if a second series was out. I came across a main character descriptions list and slight spoilers were in there but it didn’t ruin it, rather helped my understanding — like X is Y’s brother. Oh, didn’t know that and it will be made clear later (spoiler) but it didn’t detract from watching it, having seen that.

It is in French, so unless you’re a francophone or don’t mind subtitles, this may be not worth your time. If you don’t mind subtitles, it’s great because it’s the type of show you really have to WATCH (don’t distractedly). I saw in the same place with the character description that Stephen King had tweeted he loved it. This makes perfect sense. It’s like King on a good day.

And let me say, it’s considered horror genre but I’m the biggest wuss in the world and loved it. It’s not really scary, more mysterious.


#recommended Target’s Free Credit Monitoring

As a frequenter of Target for all my non-Trader Joe’s grocery needs (pretty much) and that’s because Target’s only a 60mi RT rather than 100mi RT…

Due to the ridiculous hacking thing, Target’s paying for a year of Experian coverage. I opted in.

I rang and they (Experian) say this is one year only and everybody will be dropped (if we don’t pay for more) after one year. It will not be an auto-enroll.

last to the party: Thrift Shop

When I was watching the Kathy and Andy show NYE, they had some people stop by, most notably -to me, anyway Debbie Harry. Kathy sang with her, which was fun. It should be noted Kathy isn’t a singer.

Kathy and Andy Show

Kathy and Andy Show

They also had these two young men come by and introduced them as Macklemore. With a name like Macklemore, I reckoned they did some kind of Country / Western. Apparently, they’ve had a big year cos Andy said as much. Yesterday, it was too horrible to exit the ranch for work, so I called out (8 of 50 people made it to work, so I’m not alone). I decided to flip on the telly, which I don’t do too often. I prefer my TV on DVD, thank you.

I was looking at the guide and it said ‘Macklemore.’ I reckoned that had to be those two nice young men and flipped to it. OMG for one thing, it’s not Country! It was a song about going to the Thrift Shop, which is the only place I ever got ‘new’ clothes that weren’t sewn for me by Gram (til I moved out at age 15, when I continued to buy from church bazaars and second hand shops).

-are the new readers gone yet?

I get where this became a hit! It’s funny and has an engaging video. I’m sure 92.7% of the world has seen or heard it but in case you haven’t, this video is Lily-Approved. #recommended

The next song they played was more like … real (ahem) rap, which I don’t care for much. I was there when rap was created — really. I mean, speaking of Debbie Harry (I never liked Rapture) was the first white person I ever heard or saw rapping. We rolled around theSTL listening to NWA when people didn’t know what that stood for, Easy E? All our cassettes were what the DJ at the club dubbed of his mixes. For.Real.

I was happy to see hip hop come along, though hip hop isn’t what it once was, either. By what, 92? Most wasn’t worth listening to in my old-assed opinion. I’m not saying all of it but it used to be Something.


FREE workout program and support: LiveFitRevolution

I’m a big fan and supporter of Alysia and Jason. They’ve relaunched their site — while it’s shiny and streamlined, I’m still used to the old one. Change is hard on old dogs…

If you’ve never been there, LiveFitRevolution.org is fantastic! There’s motivation (videos, challenges, memes), workouts (video and text printouts for those who prefer to only hear themselves) and nutrition advice along with recipe videos. It’s all free, with no catch.

Here’s Alysia’s welcome to 2014.

Clan McIlhenny, good people

20131023-172023.jpgRegular readers will recall I recently was overjoyed (Bobby, too) at receiving a birthday gift of a gallon of McIlhenny’s Tabasco sauce. Yes, a gallon.

How could I possibly need more Tabasco?

Well…I have a problem. Okay, not even getting into the list, I mean, I’m now even more obsessed with Tabasco! I grew up eating the regular one but they have a lot more. Not only do they have other flavours but other items — not just pepper sauce! Well, I spent time digging around their site and drooled over foodstuffs and fun items that you really don’t want to try to eat–like shirts and ties.

-are the new readers gone yet?

maker's markMcIlhenny Reserve wax sealSo! Here I are -family joke, one of my cousins was a toddler and her parents sang out, ‘Where are you, RuthieMae?’ She sang back, ‘Here I are!’ Cute!  almost Christmas and McIlhenny Co. offered this fabu deal where you got free shipping, $10 off and a free bottle of their Reserve Sauce, topped with green wax, à la Maker’s Mark. -why are you unsurprised that I make whiskey references?

Why not, right? I ended up getting a bunch of little things that I can hand out to people I love who stop by the ranch this Christmas. Yay!

But what arrived via UPS last night? -Bobby was so excited, he scared Brown. I told him that Bobby wouldn’t bit him, which is partially true. Bobby only bites things (including people) who scare or hurt Sissy–as Brother found out.

A freaking huge, heavy box! It included my many small items but then out came some other stuff…and a letter. The letter stated they were unable to give me a free Reserve ‘wrapped’ (wax sealed) as they’d run out due to high demand. Instead, they gave me:

Dude. That’s good customer service. I joked that it’s probably all stuff they want to clear out to avoid counting in inventory this spring but still.

Fantastic. Thanks, Clan McIlhenny! -and the sweet elf who filled my box!

#Recommended: Go see #Gravity #film right NOW

Gravity Space WalkThis isn’t a review because I can’t be bothered. It’s my birthday weekend! It’s a brief ‘recommend.’

I wanted to get this out there for anybody wondering what to do on their Sunday: get your arse out and watch Gravity at the cinema! –click that link to go to the official site

Here’s my setup: I’ve been waiting for 2 months when G finally comes out, right? It comes out and all the flipping showtimes — that are NON-3D — are matinées. I work for a living. I was so disappointed. I mean cross. This week, they finally added some evening shows. I went straight out and saw it, on my birthday! The thing is, when I’ve been waiting a long time for a film to come out, -that means you, Thor 2 I tend to be disappointed in the film. I almost always have to re-watch it when it comes out on DVD to get a ‘clearer picture.’ That’s internal but I can’t help it. After Gravity was out in theatres for 3 weeks on top of the months I’d waited, I reckoned that I’d be pissy about it.


Firsty: if you love 3D, I recommend you pay extra to see it that way.

Middly: my eyes/ brain don’t recognise depth of field; I was born this way. The only thing I see in 3D is wavy lines that never form a picture. So. I’m gauging the above rec on the fact that most people seem to enjoy the 3D experience and I think with the way things move about in this film, it must be a good one for that.

Lastly: who cares if it’s in 3D? It’s FANTASTIC! Hie thee to a picture show! I don’t think that it’ll be as good on the small screen. Yes, the story and acting is still there but I think being up.in.they.face whilst it’s happening is a big part of it. I actually moved my arm twice whilst watching it (again, this is non-3D). If I were sitting at home watching on a monitor, I don’t think that would’ve happened.