review, Teva ‘De La Vina’ ladies winter boot

I LOVE these boots!

I LOVE these boots!

Here’s the link.

Starting over one year ago, I began an online hunt for waterproof winter boots that would fit several criteria.

Firstly: waterproof, as stated but just to say, this was important and I realised this probably also meant I would not have something that I loved the look of wearing.

Secondly, and of even more importance to any shoe: it can’t hit my bunion. Or toes. My lupus has always ‘settled’ in my feet. The joints swell, sometimes alarmingly to others. I was also blessed with an god-awfully-high arch, which had the audacity to fall with age. I also have a neuroma (nerve tumour). Point here? I have crap feet that grow crappier each decade. Stoopid feet.

Lastly, I really wanted them to not look horrible. If they had to, okay but if I could swing non-horrible? Cool.

I have purchased, exchanged and repurchased about 20 pair of boots. It’s ridiculous. I finally got a $40 pair of snow boots (ick) at Costco just to serve the waterproof / warm requirement of ‘winter boots.’ They have already begun to fall apart. Yes, $40 but they are $100 boots!


I now purchase a full size up in shoes in hopes of not hitting my various ouchies. This works out fairly well because I like to put in inserts. I’ve strayed from those $200 RX orthotics to something like Orthaheel inserts, which are very nice and SuperFeet Green, which are almost nice (better than store brands) and a few other brands that specialise in ‘high arches.’ So! Big shoes have spare room for inserts — usually.

I got these Teva right before my trip. I seriously considered NOT taking them because it was a bit of a risk to take shoes I’d never worn before. I like to pack light going to Sis’ cos I can buy boatloads of stuff out there but my laptop & cables and some other stuff must come with me. Also, so many places (Colorado and Missouri, included) cannot be trusted to be COLD in winter. It may be but it may be hot (relatively speaking), too. So, I wore my travelling suit with the Tevas, took a light (not sun) dress, a pair of black denim, a super-thin mock turtleneck, a thin, fitted jumper and a flirty skirt. Basically, the travel suit and 3 outfits for 2 weeks. The only shoes I’ve worn are the Tevas!

Immediately upon receiving them (the night before departing), I put in a fresh pair of inserts and stomped about the house for almost 3 hours. They rubbed my heel where there’s a seam. You can see it at the link if you look at the lighter colours. I bought black, so details won’t show.

I have had to watch that one aspect but otherwise, I have had ZERO problems. I’ve had to clomp through 6 inches of snow (or more, really…I didn’t take a ruler like I would at home) and spent an entire day sloshing through Boulder’s shopping district in wet snow and slush the day it shovelled down 12″ (we were only there through the melting part to first 2 inches).

No leaks. Very comfy with my high arch inserts and WARM though no heavy lining. As a huge surprise/ bonus, I could fold over my boot-cut black denim and tuck inside the boots. I have not-so-slim calves, so to be able to do this with NON skinny jeans is amazing.

I love these boots! I have but one tiny caution and that is the grippy soles aren’t particularly helpful on ice. To be fair, ice SUCKS and is usually hard to walk on with any boots. It’s just I’ve had some boots that did better on ice than these do. I highly recommend these boots!

reviews, Tabasco Family Reserve

I grew up on regular Tabasco. Spike insisted we always had it.

I knew they’d branched out over the years but only recently tried a few of the newer styles.

The Family Reserve, however, I will go so far as to say that I would NEVER pay $30 for a bottle of Tabasco. I don’t care if the peppers are watered by the tears of virgins.

That said, I got this bottle free.

Lily Says: It is noticeably tastier.

And I won’t purchase it for the Cheap Bastard that I am but if I receive it free again, I will happily reach for it over regular.

If you have $30 to spend on good pepper sauce, I hope you like it as much as I do!

I am not a great connoisseur of pepper sauces, as stated. I spend my first 40 years using the one. So take that for a grain of salt, some pepper and vinaigre. –HAR Your pepper sauce ingredients. It’s all about the quality of the pepper!

reviews, Monster. With some improvements.

I like the Monster, not so much any other of your caffeinated BS ‘energy/health’ drinks.

I love the zero calorie, carbonated Ultra Zero (basically a white and silver tin with a tetch of baby blue, NOT the baby blue tin with similar colours, thatshitnasty).

It’s citrusy and what I’d call a hyper-caffeinated ‘Squirt.’ -Gram’s highball of choice was Gin & Squirt If you don’t have Squirt, it’s a little like Fresca.

Great with vodka!

I drink Monster ‘orange’ or ‘green’ REHAB, too. Their Rehab line is 20cal/ tin and has a tiny bit of juice in (do not fool yourself that it’s healthy), caffeine and NO carbonation.

They are orangeade and pineapple-ade flavoured, respectively, though the green tin says it’s got green tea in. I’m not saying it doesn’t. I’m saying it tastes like pineapple and both go well with vodka, particularly mango vodka but plain works, too.

I’ve foraged into their Java line, as well.

They only have one ‘lite’ version, vanilla, and I find it sickly sweet. This isn’t to say the full fat, full sugar versions aren’t also like sucking down melted ice cream shakes, because they are!

I’m saying they’re less sweet-tasting, probably due to an artificial sweetener in the former.

At any rate, I don’t love any of the 4 I’ve tried but this was 1/2 off and I thought an experiment with Whiskey could bring me no possible harm, right?

Each tin is 2 servings at 200 whopping calories each (400 total) and very sweet–and slightly thick. It’s sweeter than your average homemade (or pub) Irish coffee IMO. Then again, this isn’t my swill of choice.

I like it, though, tastes like Christmas in July.