My life in Nerd Boredom, part 17

I’m truly the most boring person. It’s not just because I’m old.

1) I don’t like TV. People talk about it all the time. I’ve considered maybe I’d be less of a weirdo if I watched their horrible shows so that we’d have something to talk about but I hate it so much, that it defeats the point if I’m tearing apart ‘their show.’

Most TV is a total fing waste of my 20 minutes of free time at home a day. …Unless it’s Breaking Bad, which is quality writing or True Blood, which is ridiculous but they have the hawt menz and truly, Sister isn’t that choosy.




'Honey, I'm home!'

‘Honey, I’m home!’

I’ve spoken of my love for Once Upon a Time, which is silliness but there’s nothing better for my dark heart than Good Ol’ Bobby Carlyle (he likes it when I call him that) being evil in a fantasy-spangled-and-lizard-eyed way?

It's ME!

It’s ME!

Regina is fanTAStic, as well. I want to grow up to be her–not the actor, Lana Parilla. I want to be an Evil Queen.

(shut up! I heard that!)

I had to share two BobbyC piccies. Yes, he’s in character. Not all Scots look like that.


HATE it when barber trims sides this close. It's meant to COVER my ears. Now, I look weird.

‘HATE it when barber crops sides too close. It’s meant to COVER my ears. Now, I look weird.’ Alan Cummings

Where was I? Right. I prefer film. I’m still fing reading Clash of Kings, as well. At this rate, I may die before Martin needs to finish the series.

…And I don’t fit in with those freaks, either! I don’t like Star Wars; I’m a Trekkie. Sure, I grew up reading PKD but I stopped somewhere (he’s still the shite but I just can’t be bothered, more on that later–I’m busy!)

Most sci/fi and/ or fantasy people do RPG or at least video games (do they still call them that?). I don’t. I play, ‘let’s cut down trees, chop them up and haul them from the forest so we don’t freeze to death in winter.’ It’s an Ozarks thing. There’s also ‘feed ripped off chicken heads to the hogs’ and ‘bush-hog the back forty,’ perhaps you’ve heard of them? We have loads of games but no internet. Satellite isn’t even available — really — or I’d have it!

See? Permanently uncool and boring.


::whispers:: I have a theory: don’t tell or you’ll send me toGitmo. When I was a kid, the military used to conduct dog fights (and I don’t mean with pit bulls but with jets!) over our heads. There’s an ‘abandoned’ air base right behind our property. Anytime something Big and Bad is happening in the world, I know when to turn on the news cos they start moving things (flying over). The last really cool thing I got to see was last year on 9/11/11 (the anniversary). Five old bombers from WWII flew over. You could hear them miles away and we waited for them, waving when they came over the treeline. They all dropped down in formation for us to get a good look! (or the other way around…creepy)

Anyhoozles! My theory is perhaps we’re in a ‘dead zone’ since we’re OBVIOUSLY a flight path for shite they don’t want normal people to see. And I’m not normal, so it works out! Wish they’d give me internet. I’m sure THEY have it. Jerks.