‘Shameless’ in Colorado

I got here and immediately Foster-Sis’ left the state. I have been house-bound (really, you can’t safely hike the area as I’d normally have done due to the fact that I’m alone, bears and mountain lions are active – there have been a couple of mountain lion attacks in the past month, which is more than I need).

I don’t care what anybody says: I’m a hillbilly. I’m pretty idiotic-fearless and I know how to deal with bobcats. Mountain lions? I’ve been trained since I was a baby because we have them, too. We haven’t had attacks in decades, though. Our population in the Ozarks is very low (lions and hillbillies). One thing I also know: humans do not win a fight with a mountain lion. Knowing ‘what to do’ in hopes of spooking them off is your only hope. Good luck with that. Not this hillbilly! You have to figure, the girl who picks up snakes, kills animals by ripping off their heads, can shoot well…she says eff mountain lions? There’s something there.

What have I done? I watched the second series of Homeland-finally. It is still on long wait list at Netflix. You’ll recall I can’t do streaming as I don’t have internet at home (just my iPhone on data and tethering is not an option with my ancient contract). 

I soaked up Homeland and FS got me on Shameless. It’s funny. It’s too familiar! 

The music’s good! I found these lists but there’s no pre-compiled music to buy. Some I don’t care for but all in all, I give big props to the selection. Lists allow preview but you have to purchase them on your own.

S01 from 8-20 songs per episode!

S02 from 10-31 songs per episode!

S03 from 19-30 songs per episode!

That’s a lot of music.