Why not use water cannons?’

Ferguson is a township of St. Louis, my ‘home’ city

I get she’s not from this country and if you aren’t aware, water cannons have special meaning to Americans who’ve read a book if they didn’t see it happen live. Oppressive whites have a history using them on black protestors for civil rights, you ignorant slag.

See this link to the ignorant slag’s suggestion as a talking head on CNN:



Cake or Death / Science or God

Firstly, I love Ira Flatow and SciFri but also, as a person of faith who loves Science, I’m saddened by people who believe they have to choose one side or the other because my friends, that’s some BS you bought.

I’m not religious by following particular dogma because I don’t need that. Many people need to feel they have chosen the Right One, not all people who choose a religion believe it’s the Right One for All. If you think that about others, you bought some more BS. Sadly, some people believe they have chosen the Right One. What a frightening world they live in. I know many people like this and they’ll say, ‘I’m not afraid!’ And then go on about all the stuff in this world that scares them. To them? I’m going to Hell. I’ve been told as much literally and I don’t mean figuratively hundreds of times. I grew up on Missouri. Of course I’ve heard this a lot.

I grew up with so many faiths being practised in my own family — sometimes siblings hating siblings for it — that it was an easy thing to understand it’s ridiculous to think your faith is better than somebody else’s based upon your God loving X more.

Towards the beginning, the author mentions Richard Dawkins being rude to his young daughter. The author was at a conference lecturing on Science…cos he’s a scientist. If you know of Mr. Dawkins, I think you’ll agree, he enjoys perfecting rudeness to the point of celebrity. I’ve listened to and agreed with him on a lot but I can’t tolerate him for long because he’s a bigger asshole than I am. I prefer to be the biggest asshole in any given situation.

Since I don’t restrict myself to dogma, only being the biggest asshole around, I’m fairly okay with anybody’s opinions. Your belief isn’t going to scare the Jesus into or out of me. I’ve heard that I’ve scared the Jesus out of others but like Dawkins, that just makes me smile.

-are the new readers gone yet?

I’m frightened by the lack of education in American schools and that comes from ME. -lets chorus on about how my school was proclaimed the worst in the USA (back at the time I was a student) by Newsweek for violent crime, drugs and illiteracy, explains me, doesn’t it?

They teach even less Science now and it’s a shame because I feel such wonder, enjoyment and gratitude to what I call God for these opportunities and gifts: a universe and our minds to explore it!

Anyway, here’s the podcast for anybody still reading 🙂  I just like that somebody is speaking out about this because all the scientists* I grew up with as a kid also were people of faith (like me, not necessarily congregationalists but sometimes!).


* Offhand, I can think of 3 nuclear physicists, a handful of chemical engineers (well, technically they studied a LOT of Sciences and Maths) and then, of course, a few AWESOME Maths and Sciences teachers, including one astrophysicist). I’m sure that I’m skipping some because they’ve been dead a long time. The bottom line from all of them, through our separate discussions was that it wasn’t a choice to them. I guess that’s why I never thought I had to make a choice either.

Hate War, not the people who are forced to fight

I say forced because where I come from, it’s cook meth or join the service to get out. People don’t understand poverty and lack of opportunity; no libraries, no public services including transportation, no running water, no available (not even for purchase if you have the money) internet, where unemployment runs about 33% — maybe higher because we’re talking unemployed, not those collecting unemployment insurance.

This isn’t about ‘poor me.’ This is about reality. THE chance you have is to join the service. Before, when the draft was still in effect, you knew you’d get called up anyway, so you joined to get out quicker. *

This is why every male in my family has served in the United States Marine Corps or United States Army, regular enlisted. Some of the females did, too.

They didn’t want to go. They weren’t ‘gung ho Joes.’ They enlisted because it was that or jail. They enlisted and when war or ‘conflicts’ broke out, they went.

I don’t believe in hiding them away. I hate war. I hate that the US ‘runs around’ in places where we don’t have an exit strategy or know who we’re training to kill us in more 15 years.

I do not blame our soldiers and sailors. I respect them because they are my family.

Buddy Poppy.jpgWhen I wear a poppy, I’m not screaming ‘WE’RE NUMBER ONE!’

I’m whispering, ‘Thank you for your sacrifice.’

One of my friends (who served one tour in the US Army and retired from US Air Force Reserves, that’s 24 years service) said yesterday, ‘What are you guys doing for me Monday?’

‘Monday?’ somebody asked. I thought a tic and realised that Monday is the 11/11. Oh…

I’d forgotten. I run a lot of errands for myself and the family. It takes me into lots of shops around different towns. I had seen no displays, nothing that reminded me. I went to one shop after work. They had no displays — this is a shop where one would buy things like this!

I went to a major chain supermarket and they had no displays. None. I went everywhere, not just the places it ought to be.

I was able to purchase blue Jello (which they carry year-round) and red. Nothing else but…

There were two old cotton-tops after I left the supermarket. They were leaning up against a woodpile (really). One held a plastic canister in one hand and a bunch of Buddy Poppies in the other. I gave him a couple of bucks and took a Poppy. I thanked them both for standing out in the cold and told them that I’d come in for blue and red jello (like they care) to make a jelly for Monday.

They thanked me for remembering them.

This breaks my heart.

No matter what you feel about war, they’re humans and you don’t know what they’ve lived through or what they had to do. I’m hardly a patriot** but I have a heart.

* It’s a song but it’s incredibly apt from where I come.

I volunteered for the Army on my birthday 
They draft the white trash first, ’round here anyway

** My mother always says that I’m a ‘bad American’ — and that makes her proud.