Vegetarian canine chronicles continue, turnips

Acey loves all veg and fruit proferred and he’ll also go pick his own! He’s not wasteful or playful with it. He gets one at a time and eats it.

The only thing he has not cared for is salad greens but obviously if something’s on them or like I cook spinach with EVOO and lemonjiuce, he’s all over it.

This is an example of us eating raw turnips together. As stated (in silly voice), I learnt that I needn’t pick turnips for him and for me. He likes the root end and skins!


Turnips, the fattening veg

Kind of a fun story. We didn’t plant turnips this year (yet, we’ll save that for an autumn planting/ harvest) but Dad spilt some turnip seeds this spring. He didn’t bother to pick them up but this one took!

We got ONE turnip:) What to do, what to do?

Since there was only one (and a lovely one at that), I decided to eat it the way I was taught (mostly, we made them a few other ways but basically everything can be either fried or boiled to death with fat for flavor in the Ozarks, at least my 2nd generational Irish-lass-arse).

I peeled, chopped and dropped into some smoked fat* that I’d lopped off some pork chops fixed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) work lunches. After I was sure trouble had occurred (covered in fat), then I topped with water (barely), lidded and let that mother roll–checking til it was soft. I had half with some tilapia and gave the other to Dad, the man who dropped the turnip seeds.


If you’re celiac, like I am, be sure it’s REALLY gluten-free. Many companies pass off “broth,” “in juices” “caramel color” or “natural flavors” in their ingredients list. Not only does this maker emblazon it with “gluten-free” but the ingredients are all recognizably things that don’t contain the offending protein.