Giving opportunity: EpilepsyAction, Support my pal running London Marathon

It comes but once a year…and he skipped last year due to knee surgery, so cast some funds towards a good cause and sit on yer arse watching Game of Thrones like I do.

Dr. Dick is about halfway to his goal.

I have donated through JustGiving many times. It’s legit. For this year, I donated some early and then I donated again cos I didn’t get fired, as I reckoned, yesterday. It’s always a surprise to not get a pink slip by the end of the week!

meta me not meme but moi-me (and Mac)

Gosh, you guys! I had zillions of readers yesterday and all I said was that I had the ick!

Thanks to all who sent well-wishes. I’m SO much better today, it’s crazy. (of course, I had it since Saturday, so ya know)

The real news is mon singe-mince (with all that London Marathon training) is getting hitched today to his long-time love. I shall drink their health! I encourage everybody to go throw money at the charity he’s running to support (a condition he lives with, as well). Good on them!

Hopefully, afterward, at the Elks Lodge or V.F.W. (where all the wedding receptions occur in my region), he gets some dancing action ON.