#Chébé bread, #recommend please!

I’ve seen this brand recommended HIGHLY as something genuinely tasty  for Celiacs.

It’s not usually found within 50mi of where I live but I FOUND it not only at the 50mi mark but as nobody would purchase it (it’s dear), it was on clearance for 1USD!!!

I got 2 boxes but I cannot eat dairy (more’s the pity), so I’ll not be adding the cheddar they designed it for…

Any recommendations from Chébé users?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll do it plain or with rosemary and EVOO or something but if anybody has a favourite alternate ‘recipe’ / use, please do share!

drawrings, 25 May 2015

I was meant to be doing job applications but felt like drawing this:

People who’ve known me a long time will recall that I like to sketch and I love animals, so that’s what happens.

I didn’t really like that bunneh.

• so I gave him a face 

• then felt like drawing a turtle but couldn’t think of a face, so I gave him an obligatory hard hat, then a face

• then I wanted to draw an owl with muttonchops but he looked like somebody’s dad so I gave him a spring of receding hair & a belt

• then I thought of the little moths my mammy called Millers, which like to eat curtains

• the obvious next thing was a squirrel who was having some difficulty counting his knitting stitches

None of it is good but hey, it’s something.


time to stop fucking about and start fucking about

All this job search crap is pointless! Lookie at this oldie but goodie I found. Speaking of pointing… –from my religiousfiguresoftheworldaspirates project. I never got to Allah or Mohammad. There’s still time to really piss off half the world, I suppose


I’m getting ready to be more Creative again, now that I’m not facing daily torment.