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Vive la Bretagne or shit’s this way everywhere

There are a lot of areas of the world filled with (sure, it appears the US is approximately 38% such) those who are pretty damned nationalistic, if based upon real history or imagined.

I lived in an area so hateful of immigrants (myself, oh là!) that there was…me! The locals hated the FRENCH as outsiders and I’m not joking. I was believed to be Welsh, due to my accent at the time. I vociferously explained that I was American and they refused to believe even a passport. ‘Then why do you look X? And SOUND Y?’


Anyway! Who knew that I’d come to work in (at least very specifically, perhaps not the whole region) the worst place? I survived and bought pottery.

‘soft’ racism is racism

I will confront coworkers, which is a waste of time. Why do it? Two reasons for speaking out are 1) drawing a boundary for myself; it’s not okay to spread hateful bullshit around when I’m there and 2) maybe, just maybe, there’s a chance to cause a person to think.

Probably not.