blogging and bedazzling

In case anybody stumbles into my blog and notices that I have been more active of late than not, there are two reasons:

  1. I received 2 postcards this week, yay!
  2. I’m home sick, therefore I have access to the internet via my mobile phone

My job is in a secure location so, there are no mobile phones allowed. Hell, our phone system (landline) is secure. We have our own everything.

And no, that doesn’t mean that I only ever blogged whilst at work but it did mean that when others went for smokes or coffee, I often drafted, scheduled or published whatever I had in the works.

Let alone lunch breaks!

Here’s the bedazzled gift I made for a co-worker.

Out sick texting to coworkers

Poor lambs.

As the broad who unofficially runs the show, there are little things…

Such as (here’s part)

This is inside Intel. A) how one deals with Mr. Clark (and similarly to MANY) and how to leverage Jane. Jane of the Counting House. Without my rapport / manipulations on hand, I predict a simple ‘Lily says to trust what you say’ should ensure J actually not only provides but we get extra shines.

If I promote, muthafukkas gonna miss me!