Kraftwerk, why would I attempt this 33rd degree bow making?

The previous post is what I plan to do. Perhaps should say planned to do. I attempted and failed but I’ll give it another go (or 2) on another day, I feel that the stars may be in better alignment for this bullshit.


The current exchange rate made me do it: ordering international magazines

Holy hell! I have a fabulous career of ordering magazines from abroad. When I lived abroad, I bought US magazines. What a dweeb!

Firstly: it’s expensive as hell.

Secondly: perhaps that’s why it feels such a naughty treat?

I’m fair certain that I could whip out a few Japamese and possibly other locales’ print from the new barn.

They would be from the 80s. There’s probably some early 90s represented but those were probably purchased by me from other countries and sent back rather than the BULK of my bound epistle subscriptions. Those bastards were ‘mail ordered.’

Can you relate, my puffins? The shipping and handling always cost more than the tag and even yet more confounding, was delivered at least 2 months after the print date AND YOUR BITCH ARSES KNOW PRINT DATE IS BEFORE IT HITS THE SHELVES.

Meaning, it was 3 months old by the time I got it.

The thing about living in the midst of The Big Woods is that whatever money you might have has nowhere to be spent. Sure, if you buy firearms and ammo, that would take it up but otherwise? Well, I saved most of my money for my imminent escape to civilization and emancipation aged 14-15 but also? I bought these! Most were music and art. Some were fashion. I was filling my head with other cultures.

The last subscription from elsewhere was boring: UNCUT. It’s music and I think that I had it maybe 3 years and stopped in the mid-2000s.

While just a magazine, there’d be a stack of 3 I hadn’t got around to yet. It was wasteful and clutter.

Now and then, I’ll buy a magazine from the shelf. Typically, I read what I want in the shop. I admit it.

I believe that I have bought this magazine twice now.

Talk about dweeby!

Because it costs approximately $20 from the shelf, I went to iSubscribe to see what a year would cost. Since they carry many names and probably skim whatever percentage for themselves, it’s ‘free delivery.’


Nevertheless, the cost was about £117 total for ‘outside Europe.’

It’s cheaper inside Europe and yet cheaper in the UK.


I pondered that and reckoned for 13 issues, that truly is a better deal. Even if I got say 5 issues…

Then, I recalled the exchange rate!

I searched USD to pound Sterling and got that we are at a more moderate level. I mean, it’s not where it was for that brief dip but it’s at least not ‘up’ (I suppose weak, actually but up in what if have to pay?

If money is an issue (pun intended), always check rates. You may decide to travel someplace see OR take a different duration OR just know that you’ll be visiting grocery stores rather than restaurants. It’s just good to know.

Now, the trick is getting our local post office to deliver rather than steal because ‘we got some thieves up in hya!’

Missouri Milky Way viewing

When I was a child, growing up in the Ozark Mountains on a ranch, Milky Way gazing was an old friend that returned each summer.

Technically, it’s spring through early winter for us but the summer is when you’d be up Late and looking right overhead…naturally, lying on your back in a pasture!

The woods obscure skylarking so, you climbed a hilltop with either a glade or open pastureland.

In autumn, as it is now, you can see it sort of overhead to setting, running Northerly to Southerly.

The past several nights have been exceptionally well so, I go stand outside before bed and just gawk.

I don’t have a star trails or astro-friendly camera. This is literally what my camera captured just now for you!

Nyah-nyah, you can’t see what I can see

Here’s a site that gives more specific but layman’s terms information.

Hillbilly oddities, part 2.405

Or, ‘you are so weird!’

Last night, I stepped outside to encourage Ace to piddle and a large toad was on the top of the patio stairs.

I crouched next to it (it was just under the size of my fist) and reached out, petting it on the leg, ‘Hello, Mother.’

I then walked away and thought…’bet most people don’t do that.’

There’s me. Petting toads and calling them ‘mother.’

I, of course, am referring to the fact they are extreme reproducers, which is a known thing. They also represent transformation.

DIY, Garbage, I mean upcycling Autumn votives

Last year, I went into. Yankee Candle shop and bought a bunch of 50-80% off items. Many were Autumn themed but some were Xmas and Easter!

These votives are extremely fragrant and were dirt cheap.

I had to buy something for a ‘food day’s / potluck at work in August. Due to having Celiac disease, I will not make anything to poison me so, I’ll buy other items. I got these mini cheesecakes from Costco. They felt heavy but I had no idea they were in individual glass ramekins! These aren’t throw-aways! I tried to give them to #1niece who is in uni but she demured. I could have donated them but lilDIY me knew that I’d come up with something.

I meant to paint them and had a whole other idea but as I chanced upon that stash of autumn candles, the die was set! These are votive holders and best yet, stupid easy!

I knew that I wanted something inside to show through the glass and had some ideas. First, I had to return something at Target and as I entered, their ‘$1′ section beckoned. Little jack-o’-lantern erasers!!!

Too cute!

I bought 3 bags, thinking it was too many for 6 votives but it was perfect!

I tried some burlap twine around the rims and bobs your uncle.

I used a box that food had come in and brown paper that wrapped something that had shipped to the ranch & tied a gold, orange and green ribbon around.

Fuck all o’ y’all! It’s done!