Outing myself

I dropped my phone in a shop on the way home today. Thankfully, a worker followed me out and asked if it was mine.

I saw him approaching, consternation on his face. I thanked him and as I drove away, I realized what her was seeing: my locked screen wallpaper.

Speaking of which–nit so much cheaper the sarcasm, this was straight talk, I delivered bad news to an offender today about his date being extended.

He threw quite a wah-fit and there was a moment of the ‘slowly, I turned’ sort.

‘Ms. PO? You wrote the report the Board used to decide this?’

‘Yes, I did.’

‘Did you tell them to extend my date?’

We have been told, btw, to not tell our recommendations. Therefore, my answer was still the truth.

‘I reported the facts to the Board and based upon your behavior, they decided to extend your date.’

Look man, you got busted for drugs when randomly drug tested. I report IT ALL.

In another case this week, a known ‘jacker,’ (he likes to whip out his dick and Jack off to staff–though never to me and I have dealt with him since 2015) was in my office as I was conducting an hour-or-so long interview. He sees the Board for the 1st time next week. He has served almost 7 years in state prison.

There’s a part where you have to ask if they have ever had any sex-offending behavior, even as a minor / juvenile or not reported to any authority.

Again, KNOWING to whom I’m speaking, I said, ‘Not counting all the violations for sexual misconduct you’ve had here…’

His eyes opened wide. ‘Ms. PO! You know about that?’

I waved my hand at the monitor to my side. ‘I know EVERYTHING.’

Have you ever seen a violent felon who likes to physically and emotionally sexually abuse staff turn bright red? I have.

Granny Lily will fuck you up!

German Shepherd had a seizure

I had taken him in for a couple of things recently but as so often the case with illness, symptoms can be related to many things. We treated him individually for those symptoms. He’s 10 years old.

Afterwards, he was nothing like when I have a rare seizure (oddly, happened THIS WEEK). –talk about dogs resembling their owners

As it was occurring, I had picked him up and ran outside. I didn’t know WHAT it was…heart? aneurysm?

All I knew was that I was HOLDING him and telling him, ‘you’re okay.’

Finally, I had to put him down to phone the vet. His vet lives extremely close, even for the country! We went to school together. She’s LO-CAL.

We rushed him into the acute care room and they began tests and ruled out things. He did test, however, positive for antibodies for a disease.

Looking back, his previous symptoms are all there.

He’s now on RX and depending on how he responds, will be on low dose for the remainder of his life.

I had to dye my hair after this, let me tell you! I also didn’t sleep well. That was quite the adrenaline dump. I have been around various seizures in people since childhood. When it happens to a loved one, and as someone who can’t have kids, my dog IS a loved one perhaps in too clingy of a way, there’s just nothing you can do.