Giving opportunity: EpilepsyAction, Support my pal running London Marathon

It comes but once a year…and he skipped last year due to knee surgery, so cast some funds towards a good cause and sit on yer arse watching Game of Thrones like I do.

Dr. Dick is about halfway to his goal.

I have donated through JustGiving many times. It’s legit. For this year, I donated some early and then I donated again cos I didn’t get fired, as I reckoned, yesterday. It’s always a surprise to not get a pink slip by the end of the week!

neighbours made the local paper

-this is not a joke, this is the front page and these are my neighbours if you cross the front creek (recent blog post) and head over the next rise into their valley


They’re retiring the farm. We retired our ranch now several years ago and the farm behind us retired a couple years ago but the next generation is considering starting up again.

took 15″ but…

I finally got this bow off the care package in a way that I can reuse it.

Yes, I am the cheap but also…I really like this bow! 


In today’s other cheap bastard tricks, I washed my spectacles in the washroom sink at the bookstore because it’s their soap and their serviettes. Now, that’s the frugality which allows me to splurge on fine Apple products! –and Samsung 


just came in and lookie what I got!

Thank you, Lauri. Your support has been something that kept me from going completely mental since Friday and this gift uplifts my spirit, too. You are a Gentleman and a Scholar. –for a Lady