Rocking with almost 2 hrs of sleep…

Acey is a little scratched up but no coon.

He wanted me to follow him in the front woods, so I fetched Spike and told him the coon’s prolly up a tree.

Again, no coon but:

Acey was barking with a fast chop at the ground. Spike got down there to see Acey kill an armadillo.


Acey’s temperament and voice

Being a GERMAN shepherd, he has a German accent. As for temperament and ‘voice’ (like how a character is written, not his actual vox), he is echoed here:

Peter Sellers’ role as Dr. Strangelove–particularly note how he fights against the ‘former’ Nazi part of himself (anthropomorphised by a Nazi Arm).

This is Acey.

-if you’ve never seen Dr. Strangelove, get over yourself and watch it. You don’t need to be of an age to enjoy the ridiculousness and if you are, it’s all the better for its parodiacal (fair-certain that’s not English) humour! 

99% approval means even if you hate it, it’s a classic

party like it’s midnight on Monday

Dog barketh v loudly (he was outside — the moon is waning gibbous, which is Play Time for critters.

It went into panic-bark and I vaulted out of bed, opened the door and saw he was indeed 8 feet from me (on the patio-proper) and lookin down.

I re lined it was a snake and grabbed the nearby broom, flipped on a shitty light and without my specs noticed:

A) that weren’t no snake

B) that didn’t stop it from hissing

C) that’s a weird tail on a big-assed coon OR a fucking bobcat is getting ready to eat our faces

ran in and allegedly grabbed my glasses.

When I got back out, they had removed themselves to Bobby’s Roses.

That was around the corner of the house where there was no light.

‘Kill! Kill!’

I allegedly gave The Command as I was not going to shoot in the dark.

Acey went in (a coon will tear the hell out of a dog, which I’ve seen many times in my youth since the Big Wood was truly Wilders’ Big Wood yet then…you could go months without seeing anybody but family, livestock and the other living things that aren’t people) but t ran. –which was honestly a relief; nobody wants a torn up Acey

But that got my blood pumping 90 minutes after falling asleep! –and 5’20” til alarm