Way to fake a weight loss photo, bitch

Hi! If you don’t know me already, I’m Lily. I have some Pages here that may or may not explain who I am better but as a quick intro for this post: I used to be a graphic artist who literally drew on the “drawing board” and then graduated up (times, the were a’changing) to working on computers and after 20 years of various shite there, changed careers.

I have a few things to say about this photo, which I find detrimental to people who are trying to make better health choices.

Firstly: I believe this is the same person.

Now, let’s bitch:

  • lighting is different, as it often is in the HONEST versions of this type of ‘share’  — let me say that this is going to HORRIFICALLY change the way things appear so, if you’re taking your own photos for comparison, really do try to a) take them in the same place/ same time/ same pose and b) attempt to use the same lighting
  • posture is MEANT to deceive and this is why said bitch chose to alter her orientation to help disguise reality — in her fat pic, she’s leaning towards the camera, which creates fat rolls; in her skinny pic, she’s leaning away and flexing her abs. Look very closely at her baby basket (lower abdomen). It’s virtually the same ‘pooch’ because it’s the same pooch.
  • upper arms are virtually the same — Yes, the fat pic looks larger because she’s closer to the camera. Look at the shape and definition. For that matter, the skinny pic is totally in shadow, which has a diminishing effect. Bitch knows what she’s doing but 20 years of making sure my clients got RECREATED images that were spot-on means don’t fuck with me.
  • tits are virtually the same — you don’t know this but she claimed to have lost 40lb. Oh, no you di-in’t. Maybe she lost 40lb by the time of the 1st pic and hadn’t taken true before pics so, she’s trying to manipulate to get some internet love. I dunno. Tits CHANGE. I now have small C cups on my 5’2″ frame because I’m fat. I would normally have A cups. I’m not saying what happens to me will be the same for all but YOUR TITS GONNA CHANGE. Everybody in the world knows this and it’s why body competitors have fake tits or no tits.

In fairness, let’s point out that all bodies do NOT evolve evenly. Tits and arms and hips and bellies don’t shrink universally but more of ones body will show something if you lost 40 pounds (or at least something in addition to your fucking belly will).

I posted this because this was shared in a group where people ran over and wanted to be just like her.

What, fake?

I think that we all know comparison is the key to unhappiness but when the comparison is against a lie? Oh, that’s not fair, meh bitches.

I also want to add that I feel oddly about the lines on her skinny pic’s belly. Even though she’s twisting, it’s odd. It looks like she has used a ‘blending’ or ‘bandage’ tool on an app. I say this not only from experience with graphics but also because I’ve spent the majority of my life thinner than this woman. I am a pear shape, that means my belly was often exposed because I never needed to hide it. Again, all people are different but I never had those vertical lines when I twisted. I had and still do have the center vertical line but that’s one.

I call bullshit and harmful bullshit at that.



Rescued seats from the Checkerdome

Checkerdome was what the St. Louis Arena was called when Purina (‘checkerboard square’ logo) paid for the rights for about 5 years).

It is no longer in existence but a lot of people from the region, particularly those who went to St. Louis Blues games or rock concerts there in the late 70s and early 80s will forever think of it!

My mechanic was one of the many fans who wanted a piece of history before it was torn down. He got 2 seats at the time and it makes me smile to look at them. Nostalgic!