Postcard, Canadian Grey Jays

Thanks, Laurie! These birds are adorable!



For a friend’s grandbaby in hospital. If she ever opens her eyes again, I made quite a sight to see!

Her fav is purple and small girls seem to like wildly vibrant colors and patterns. I could’ve gone wilder but was way past my bedtime.


It took some courage and outright financial need but I put my wares out and as @Cha0tic would say, the ‘punters’ picked up!

It’s driven by addiction.

The Elderly Toddler confronted me about one month ago, ‘Do you think that you’re addicted to shopping?’

You know it’s bad when you immediately cower in shame, ‘I dunno.’

But what I was thinking is, ‘to buying paper craft bits and bobs? Fuck, yes!’

And I’m not kidding. It’s HORRIBLE. I will say for myself, though, it is so very immersive and therefore, comforting.

Like all druggies, at some point, to support your needs, you must sell.

I have told myself that if I just make a pittance, it’s still at least paying for something.

I have been given 2 commissions for Valentines. I’ll be making about 20 pieces.

It’s something.