‘For Your Lenten Suppers’ Fish Stick Casserole

I did not grow up eating processed foods (or knowing what they were til school). I recall seeing another kid’s tinned pudding and I don’t mean British pudding for ‘sweet’ but custard. Blew my mind, it did.

Anyway, we were served fish sticks at school during Lent -of course and I loved them. Don’t get me wrong–properly deep fat fried fish was a main stay as I came up an Ozark hillbilly but those fish sticks were magical.

I was surfing and this popped up. FREAKING AWESOME! It totally looks like a ‘recipe’ from one of mammy’s shut-in ‘friends’ (charity work) Woman’s Day magazines that I’d flip through. -bored to tears at these several hours-long visits 


What’s even nicer than that fab photo is the popup advert for McCormick Lent Recipes! 

But the photo alone

I didn’t go to the recipe. If you want that, you’re on your own, Flatlander.

what’s good for the goose ain’t necessarily good for the gander

One of my mammy’s FAVOURITE sayings but the proper way round.

Anyhoo! Thumping noises then people squeals and chatter caught my attention. A gander was beating his brains out — boxing his reflection — in an attempt to keep his young lady safe for nesting on our front lawn (at work).

You don’t hear what ppl are saying but part was laughing at my ‘I know…’ empathising and calm ‘shoo shoos.’

As I left the room, I went outside and drove him back to the front lawn. He had knocked several feathers loose and was walking quite oddly. He’d really done himself a bad turn!

He came back a couple hours later and was far more aggressive — but I’m not scared.

I’m a fecking hillbilly for fuck’s sake. He got so that I changed from my usual Doolitttle voice to Ta: ‘I can fucking kill you and if I do, I’ll eat you. Go home to your wife, like I said, now.’ He fucked off.

Smokin’ Catnip / Serious Alcoholic

50- something Dude: Ever try catnip?

Me: [arches eyebrow] I know what you’re saying. That shite don’t work.

50: No! It’s true! You smoke it and–

Me: Yeah. I have smoked it and hash-brownied it. No effect.

50: Really? Of all the ‘others,’ it worked for me; you know dried banana peels, nutmeg, oregano–

Me: Stinks up the house worse than reefer. Na, man. I’m a Serious Alcoholic–

50: Takes something with more ‘pow?’

Me: Reckon.

-you realise, it’s just mint?