Spike’s Bday

I got to my car and this series of texts loaded from drunkarsedbrother.


Gluten statement by McCormick foods

I have Celiac Disease and that’s not something to muck about with. Here’s McCormick’s gluten info:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your special allergies and intolerances to gluten.  We understand that there are a growing number of people that have gluten concerns.  We would like to take this opportunity to provide some additional information and let you know that there are many products available to you that will add the flavor you desire.

We often get the request for a list of our gluten-free products.  We do not provide a list because we want you checking the ingredient statements of our products.   McCormick can guarantee you the following:

1. All of our single ingredient spices are gluten-free.  Our single ingredient spices are 100% pure, with nothing additional added to them.

2. All of our extracts are gluten-free.  They are made with a synthetic Ethyl Alcohol, not a grain-based alcohol.

3. If our products have gluten in them, it will be listed clearly in the ingredient statement.  We do not hide any allergens under “natural flavors” or “spices.” This pertains mainly to our Dry Seasoning mixes and some blends.  An example is our Beef Stew Seasoning Mix.  This contains gluten, and states, “Wheat Gluten,” in the ingredient statement.

4. McCormick goes a step further.  If an ingredient is derived from wheat source, such as Maltodextrin, it will be listed as “Maltodextrin (WHEAT), in the ingredient statement.

5. McCormick follows good manufacturing practices at our plants and takes extra precautions to eliminate the possibility of mislabeling or cross-contamination.

If we can be of further assistance, please call us a 1-800-632-5847, Monday through Friday, 9:30AM to 5PM Eastern Time.”

Yeah, I’m fat (1 week later)

Well, basically. On Monday last, I had a doctor visit that was jarring (thé scale) and then I didn’t write in the post but in comments about how that was immediately followed by fat-shaming by a teenaged girl with her friends as I picked up prescriptions at the pharmacy.


I weighed myself this morning and AGAIN I’m NOT a huge fan of scale weight as a reflection of health but that number is high, I’m in the largest size of clothes of my life and I have fat rolls where none were previously. So whatever I’m using scale weight as the oh, so easy marker that it is for now.

I joined this app (it has a 2 week trial that’s free but it ain’t free) that uses psychology to help you reach goals. I can share a code for 20% off–i didn’t have that but it’s worth it to me for the help it is at full price.

I’m down 6.2#

You can call that water weight but I don’t think it’s all that. I’m 5’2″ and that weight means a lot more on that frame than on a 6’4″ frame (or a 5’7″ frame).

I have been eating less junk and more good things.

I never used to have a problem eating good things. I had a problem with the added BAD. Somewhere (working in law enforcement) I eased out the good and now pretty much only ‘want’ bad.

A parole officer friend answered that statement with one word, ‘stress.’

I guess we all know that booze was my frenemy but now convenience foods in bulk are, too.

Just to say, it feels good in my mind that I’m making some better choices.

And yeah, it took a gaggle of mean girls, á la Doc Martin to make a shift.

Lil’ bitches.

Yeah, I’m fat

I went to the GP on Friday as I’ve had this sinus infection for a few weeks. It’s not super bad. I can’t help but recall very early this year when I went in after a month-plus of a sinus infection to have Doctor say, ‘We’ll take care of this pneumonia and that will also cure the sinus infection.’

That was my 3rd bout of pneumonia.

-are the new readers gone yet!

Stepped on scale and was honestly shocked to see that I was my heaviest ever.

Why I say is because I’d hit my heaviest earlier this year and made some modest changes that resulted in lowering my body fat% (and scale weight, which is NOT a good judge of health but hard to ignore when its increases correspond to your clothing size increases and that I now have to sit in a chair to PUT ON SHOES.

That’s what I mean.

I joined an app. It, unlike others, focuses on psychology. Sure, I’ve READ everything under the sun but you’re given approximately 10 mins / day reading and quizzes to get your mind right.

Without changing what I’m purposefully doing (apart from no alcohol due to antibiotics), I have dropped 2.6lb in 3 days. I normally eat all weekend. This is pretty cool.

Watch this space. I’ll keep you informed before doling laudes.