Dear [FIB] – not a scammer

This is legit. I almost marked it spam / junk as my phone is set to preview the first few lines.

I got a speeding ticket (officer said that I was doing 64 mph in a 40 zone…ticketed me for 64 in a 55 due to he apparently was correct but it IS a speed trap…I’m surprised he said 64 and not 74, though; I rarely pay attention to what speed I go–honestly!).

I rang to see about legal services and they DO have a recommendation list and if you use their pick, you get 25% off the lawyer’s billable hours.

The lawyers (2) recommended were so many miles away, I chose a rinky-dink local attorney. Hope THAT works out but still the point of this post was a) ooo! We actually have our own ‘Angie’s List) and b) they could do better on communications.


El Rancho Reedo, ambient sound

I like to sit and listen. After my intro and the German Shepherd barking down the hollow, you really can hear the buzzing.

I don’t mean a couple little fly-bys but the farther-off clamour!

You may need headphones or to turn it up. Wait until after the dog bark.