Geeking out about Going to DC

I was telling some folks how — granted — I’m pretty spazzy from time to time but I seem disproportionately EXCITED to go for a mere weekend to the nation’s capital.

Well, first of all, I’m chuffed about spending time with one of my favourite Aussies. That’s reason enough. -for serious! I don’t know if other areas say this but I grew up where kids, especially, say, ‘FOR SERIOUS?’ instead of ‘for real?’ or ‘really?’

One pointed out that I’ve been under so much tension for years but especially the last year and even moreso the last couple of months that it’s probably a natural offset process in my noggin. ‘LET’S GET HAPPYYYYYYYYY!’

Did I mention it’s my birthday weekend?

doge birthday celebrate

I know that I’ll be using public transportation, -which I oh-so-freudianly ALWAYS type ‘pubic’ EVERY.STINKING.TIME  and seeing as every city I’ve ever been to is different enough to make you look like an idiot, not to mention TARGET? * I went to Professor Google for some cursory info.

I found a cute how-to from the WMATA page.

They mentioned buying SmarTrip (the plastic, rechargeable pass) online for discounts. Being the cheap bastard I am, I went to see. You can get a SmarTrip card for 30USD and they only surcharge you $2 of that for the card and shipping! So, it’s meant to arrive with $28 ‘live’ funds. KEWL! Hell, I bought it. If the Apocalypse happens, I can post it to MJ.

But on a personal note:

When I lived in France, I picked up a copy of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman at Shakespeare & Co. This was part of my intense year of reading classics that everybody else had to read before going to uni. My crappy school had NO REQUIRED READING LIST, so I was — as ever — in the dark about not only pop culture but Literature.

I believe it was a combination of Whitman’s famous power as a poet and being thousands of miles from home or any Americans, let alone English speakers, that kindled a fire in my heart to one day make it to the capital. It took over 20 years but I’m going!


* In STL we have a MetroLink ‘tram’ I’d call it and the Bi-State Bus service. I’ve used either of them lightly. I’ve used MetroLink more than the bus… Thing is, when you don’t use something even in your own town, they make enough changes to leave you standing there at an automated kiosk, with your head down and backed turned to the street. This is never a good position. This ain’t London. It’s STL. We kill you for looking like a tourist. We kill you for pork steak on your plate. We kill you for being in your own front lawn (that’s my friend Marty). Shite’s real, yo.

Don’t look like you don’t know what you’re doing EVER. This is also the Midwest, home of the ever-polite. I’m saying in OUR MetroLink and bus stops (and our LOVELY Downtown Train Station, which I’m fair-certain has fuelled many a horror-film’s art direction), be careful. In general, you’re GRAND but ya know.

The last time I used MetroLink, I was mugged. At a kiosk. Because it took me too long to use it. If you walk up, throw in money and get a card, then move away quickly and nonchalantly, it’s best. If you stand there, reading what to do next, you’re lucky to be shorted some money. That’s all I’m saying. I’d rather not do that again.


Such Late, Very Lose (rang DF back)

DF= Der Fuhrer, if you missed it.


When DF rang, I was at work, working, as one does. He asked, ‘Is this a good time?’ I replied that I was at work and asked if it was okay to ring him when I went on break.

He said, ‘Sure!’

There was much texting and blogging and even talking (!!) to coworker who’s leaving (I know she’ll blab, whatever, like anybody not looking is crazy) but I couldn’t sit here, talking to another place about working for them. That’s just…wrong.

doge TitanicBreaktime: Rang. DF came on — very differently from before. He was like totally the opposite, sounded like he was in love with me, which would’ve been strange if I didn’t already think he honestly needs lithium and possibly a couple other meds to ya know, even things out.

He went on about how he’d never met a woman like me — or anybody for that matter. Blahblahblah (feeling creepy) then:

‘It was between you and another guy. I couldn’t decide but he accepted before you.’

Had I not deferred the call til later? Who knows?

JOBSARENOWHEREI’m not upset since I really don’t think I wanted THAT job (though double my pay was what was so tempting).

Onwards and upwards!

goin’ to DOGETOWN …yeah yeah

Inspired by decades of reverential Clan imbibing and @BetzSteve’s dogeplay, I made my first dogememe. Usually, they’re skived.

DogetownThe title is bastardised from Mr. Frey. You ain’t drinkin’ til you’ve slurred along with this song.


I got sick of my job, sick of my wife
Sick of my future and sick of my life
I packed up my car and I got some gas
And told ev’rybody they could kiss my ass
I’m goin’ to Party town (Yeah, yeah)
I wanna party down (Yeah, yeah)
I wanna have some fun
I wanna fool around
I’m goin’ to Party town
The sun comes up, the sun goes down
Doesn’t really matter in Party town
They go all day and they go all night
They keep on goin’ until they get it right
Right here in Party town (Yeah, yeah)
They really party down (Yeah, yeah)
Man it’s a party town (Yeah, yeah)
You know they all got their own
And they pass it all around

Well I’m burnin’ like a blowtorch in my prime
Ev’rybody here is a friend of mine
I met a little girl a couple shooters ago
She’s teachin’ me ev’rything I don’t know
About Party town (Yeah, yeah)
They really party down (Yeah, yeah)
You know they love to ball
They do it in the hall
Right here in Party town

We’re so cool
You got any? Yeah
Meet you in the john
Woo hoo hoo I sure feel good!
Some Party!


meme slut: how stereotypically white are you

Not White memeI checked off 11 out of 100 possible white people scenarios.

Lemme ‘splain. I’m about as white-looking as you’re going to find, which is why I had 11 instead of a lower number. I do not fit the demographic I’m supposed to be anyway (discounting race but going by age, gender and being American). I was raised in Brigadoon. -a mystical land, lost in time, til the mid-1970s, when electricity came and then it took them about 20 years or so to be just about 15 years behind. –WOT?

Never heard of him

Never heard of him

Anyhoozles. Almost every question naming a person? I don’t know who they’re saying. I have heard of Sex and the City but I’ve never seen it. Same for the other shows mentioned. I called Gerard Butler ‘Gerald’ since seeing 300 up until 2 months ago when somebody corrected me. That’s got to be a common mistake, though, right? Whatevs.

lucky doge!


You know how I finally -this Tuesday!  got a new GP after MONTHS of looking and waiting to be accepted and then having to do a switch? While I was there, amongst normal checking on things-things, she said, ‘You have a virus.’ I knew that I wasn’t feeling well but I wasn’t falling over dead or anything. She said, ‘run its course’ and I totally agreed.

About 24 hours later (Wed), I was well and truly sick (at work) but knew that we’re going to be down a coworker in theartdept as she’s on holiday. For me to call out sick when I knew this was going on is a Big Deal, not so much because I’m awesome (though I’d have felt guilty no matter what but especially with a person gone already) but also because things are rough all over — as you know.

doge such sick feverSo. Sick.

Virus? Yes. Add to it raging, bacterial infection.

I called out. First thing on my Sick Day, though, was ringing my brand new GP’s office.

Now, I’ve basically just shook hands with her. I know people who can’t get a ‘called-in script’ from their normal GP.

I got one. HOT DOGE! 

I’m back at work today but feel every bit as bad as Wednesday, which is better than Wednesday night through Thursday night, so I reckon the virus part may shake off in a day or two. The infection is being dealt with and I’m so freaking grateful to this new doctor!!!



I know!!! How old am I that all I talk about is finding a doctor and then needing it, so I’m super happy?