Dr: ‘Have you lost weight?’ Me: HAHAHAHAHA

Had my Well Woman (pelvic & pap) exam yesterday. -need to get a mammogram soon

The doctor was doing her interview — which has NEVER included ‘Have you lost weight?’ It wasn’t being read, it was whilst she was palpitating my glands and girlie bits.

Laugh? I thought I’d die! She looked at me like I was mental, which I am, so you know. I thought it was funny because I’m the biggest she has ever seen me but she also only ever sees me once a year and…

I’m telling you, p90x3 is making me look better. I still have padding that I’m not fond of, which isn’t normally there (I cycle sizes or as I put it: I’ma repeat offender) but I just look healthier. That’s cool.

And in case anybody was wondering because I keep referring to that programme, no. I don’t work for them, I  never received gifts and I’m not suggesting anybody buys it, even though I own the original and 3 (I own a LOT of fitness DVDs). Regular readers will recall that I often recommend FREE workouts or LifeFitRevolution.org, which is all the workouts you’d ever need and online coaching and nutrition for FREE. I’m just saying this p90x3 is my current amour.


Snow fun! And week 3 p90x3

We got more snow, which had been predicted but they called for flurries (non-accumulating) but it accumulated some. Big fun for Bobby and me!

Luckily, they dragged themselves out and bladed and cindered the county road, too. YEEHAW! I only saw one vehicle stuck in a median and they were probably driving on bald tires or like an ahole. If you drove sanely, it was grand.

Without realising it, I began week 3 of p90x3 yesterday. I thought about that this morning. I’ve recently posted about my progress, so I’ve got more of that to look forward to and when I get better on eating like a normal human, not a family of 4, it’ll show, too. I’m telling you, I adore the 30 minute format of this programme!!!

Speaking of prgrammes, I watched the first 4 epis of this season’s Shameless. Some people make a big deal out of it and it’s well-made but it’s very like our childhood (FS, Brother and me) in many ways. Not as bad most of the time, which makes it odd when people go on about how…shameless the characters are. Kinda like, ‘Glad you grew up on Disneyland. Don’t think you’d have survived the real world’ from us.

p90x3 progressing! And now my bad knee hurts

Isn’t that something? When your bad knee hurting feels like a good thing. My good knee, which has recently giving me actual worry, is still tweaked but far improved, thank you. After last night’s CVX (p90x3), my bad knee is talking.

It could be the weather, too. It was -9F this morning (-23C) and waves of winter storms keep coming. Laugh. If you live long enough, your joints will talk to you about the weather, too.

Where was I? I took measurements a week early and unsurprisingly, I’ve not gotten physically smaller, what-with the eating being what it is. The upside is that my previous ‘progress’ was getting incrementally fatter. I like being tight/ dense not fluffy and puffy. I also really like fritos and chocolate and almonds and pecans…

My body might not be getting smaller but at least it’s getting stronger and more flexible. I’m feeling good about that. It’s hard to have multiple goals and show results. I think being more FUNCTIONAL is best right now and thinning out will come as I feel better and better cos I’m happier about myself when I’m a size 4. At this point a size 6 would make me giddy.

I’m noticeably (to me) more flexible, which is fantastic. I’ve practised yoga since I was a toddler (my first teacher was of some notoriety and I didn’t realise that was a thing til I got a guru who studied with her in India and was super-impressed that she had been my early teacher). This doesn’t mean that ‘I’m good.’ It means that yoga is normal. It also means that I’ve been more advanced and understand that I’m not so good at other things. You keep practising because that’s all it is. Practise.

When I do no yoga for months on end, I lose flexibility and strength. When I’m in my element, daily practise for years at a clip, I’m a fairly bendy broadlette. When I started p90x3, I couldn’t touch my toes with a straight back and ‘straight’ knees (never lock your joints).

With virtually no effort (only doing p90x3, which is THIRTY MINUTES per workout — this is not that hard, people), I’m looking less like a wooden mannequin and more like a human who needs to work on her flexibility! This is huge.

I’m stronger. I keep increasing resistance. It’s not like I can say I’m swinging a 50lb kettlebell but I did swing a 50lb bag of salt the other day and I could NOT have picked it up in December. I was too out of shape–couldn’t pick up a 40lb feed sack for Bobby. Almost but not quite. Now, I can.

For CVX, I had previously done a ‘pretend’ basketball and that was enough, for realz. Last night, I used a 3lb weight for that cardio-vascular workout. The burliest men use 12lb. Three is light but it’s heavier than AIR. Hello?!?!

I’m really proud of myself. Also, shovelling snow is easier and doesn’t put out my back. ::touch wood::

Getting REGULAR strength conditioning (and working on that flexibility) is so important. I mean, I work at a desk job, with 2-3 miles of walking around the office a day. I need something extra and I’m so happy that I can do it in 30 minutes a day. Heck, I even take off 1-2 days now and then. Come back refreshed and see better results. I’m pleased as punch!

p90x3 update and more of what I’m watching

Things are going very well, indeed! Apart from tweaking my good knee –which sometimes gives me the gyp  I’ve been progressing. I started the first workout with a combo of 30lb bands for pull exercises and my (can’t recall amounts) 2nd up band from another set; both are red but very different. I couldn’t finish reps with that smaller red one, so I stepped down to the yellow, where I still fatigued.

I’m still using the 30lb pull but I’ve taken a huge step back when I use it. By step back, I mean physically making more distance, therefore more resistance. This is a big improvement! I’m also no longer kneeling but in a one leg lunge when I do it, which means my balance and leg is getting a little work when I’m doing pulls. While the yellow band is still hard, I’m thinking that I may move back to the smaller red one to see if I can keep up with it.

I’m still doing press ups (push ups) from the knee. I hate all the modifications but as the saying goes, wherever you go, is where you are. -huh? Yeah, I think I not only got the saying wrong but it doesn’t exactly fit what I meant

You begin where you are.

My balance is better. This is always a big thing for me. I need better balance and the whole programme works on that but several workouts focus on it.

Even in the yoga workout, I couldn’t stay up with them or complete each segment. Now I can. I’m even doing the bound posture they give and added a bound in another!

I’ve also narrowed down the knee-tweaker to Agility X. It’s not that it’s too ‘much’ leaping, more like too many direction changes and if you’ve done it, you know what I mean: left, right, cross, cross, left, cross, right…or figure 8, forward, backward, change direction figure 8, change direction, change direction, forward, change, figure 8, change, change…The idea is having you LISTEN and react quickly. I’d rather be able to have my knee work for things like sitting, going up stairs and walking. Call me crazy. YES I MODIFIED. I think that I may replace it with another workout or do some leaps but screw the directional changes. If anybody has done it, specific ideas for replacements?

Again, I watched about bunch of stuff this weekend:

  • Bad Grandpa: avoid, for the love of all that’s holy
  • Shooter: good, Bourne-esqe
  • The Returned (French, I’m told an American version is being made called The Resurrected): episode one is all I’ve seen. Good so far. Intriguing.
  • Girls: Not for me. I keep hearing good things. We’re 2 episodes in and I feel like it’s a female version of The Hangover. I know everybody is in love with the star / creatrix / producer. I’m not cutting her down. It’s not my thing. I’ll still probably watch the rest of the first series.

The Returned is the most promising and Shooter was trite but well done. I like looking at that Michael Pena.


1 Week p90x3 done, DynamiX

Dynamix sounds like a preferred recipe of GORP.

I was rather nervous going in, although I’d previewed it, since my good knee is hurting. I’m taking double naproxin sodium doses, hoping the joint sorts itself out. -that always works…shut up! It does, too, sometimes, by the grace of God

dynamix p90x3

I could NOT do this on my right side down but left side down, could. Go figure.

Dynamix is about mobility, which we all need to support the stupid stuff we do. It helps us be stupider, which I’m always a fan of doing. I modified a little (lunges, stayed high, not dropping low) and a couple of times I wussed out before the set was done but mostly, I kept up very well. Don’t be surprised, at least if you’re out of shape like I am, your heart will be pumping with some of the lower body work and I think the low press ups in lunge position (forget what they’re called) also had my heart a-thumping.

Most of all, gentle readers -all 5 of you, thanks for stopping by!  that makes week ONE.

I’ve got a Bad Knee and a Good Knee (which sometimes gives me the gyp)

The Good Knee* is killing me. DAMN! Remember when I oh, so very shortly ago mentioned the I modified some moves and didn’t others? -shut up!

I was talking to a gym rat and she asked if I didn’t feel it when it happened. Ask somebody with chronic pain if they hurt.


I realised that I was feeling ‘it’ in my joints but I do if I BREATHE. –whatevs

I don’t know which move but I have a sneaking suspicion it was the dribble left, jump shot, dribble right, jump shot (not what it’s called, I don’t think — TH has cutesy names for things and that’s cool but I just follow along and don’t care very much about what it’s called). That’s because I recall thinking, ‘Wot?’ whilst doing. Of course, I thought, ‘Wot?’ during a few things, including the back twist stretch. My back has been so spasmed that almost anything is near wrenching it. Scary, eh?

I’m also breaking down and emailing my nutrition tracking (oh, the embarrassment) to a couple of homies, Laurie and Sheila. We’ll see if that calms me down a bit. While I eat a lot, yesterday was far less than I normally would’ve snacked because I knew that I was going to send that!

Today is Dynamix, which is a combination of dynamic stretching and calisthenics. I previewed it and there’s a lot of knee-usage. Joint pain, children, is never okay. Never. I don’t want to just take off a day, I’d rather modify because there’s other good stuff in there.


* So-called because my Bad Knee was the first one injured, when I was 13 doing sporty BS. My good knee came along a couple years later when I fell down HARD on it on the ice. I’ve tweaked them several times, sometimes needing physio. I haven’t done operations because I’ll hold off forever, if I can. Having auto-immune disease means we not only recover slower but we get infections easier. It’s almost always better to not slice and dice an AIer. We won’t heal right anyway and it’ll take longer and we’ll die of MSRA blahblahblah.

P90x3 The Warrior, day 479

I was going to say what day but I’ve lost count, what-with the 2 days off. I just come back wherever I left off.

The Warrior is upper, abs, cardio/plyo and lower (I think, I’m still woozy).

It was good! I modified more than they did at times but I didn’t need to modify others. That made me feel like a Normal!

And my workout was fuelled by chili cheese Fritos. -shut up

I’ve got issues.