Snow fun! And week 3 p90x3

We got more snow, which had been predicted but they called for flurries (non-accumulating) but it accumulated some. Big fun for Bobby and me!

Luckily, they dragged themselves out and bladed and cindered the county road, too. YEEHAW! I only saw one vehicle stuck in a median and they were probably driving on bald tires or like an ahole. If you drove sanely, it was grand.

Without realising it, I began week 3 of p90x3 yesterday. I thought about that this morning. I’ve recently posted about my progress, so I’ve got more of that to look forward to and when I get better on eating like a normal human, not a family of 4, it’ll show, too. I’m telling you, I adore the 30 minute format of this programme!!!

Speaking of prgrammes, I watched the first 4 epis of this season’s Shameless. Some people make a big deal out of it and it’s well-made but it’s very like our childhood (FS, Brother and me) in many ways. Not as bad most of the time, which makes it odd when people go on about how…shameless the characters are. Kinda like, ‘Glad you grew up on Disneyland. Don’t think you’d have survived the real world’ from us.


So it begins…5 January 2014

They predicted desperate weather. My response was, ‘if they can’t get what’s going to happen by day’s end, how can I get overwrought about 3-5 days from now?’

So far, they’ve been correct if you don’t count they’ve needed to make it worse and worse.

We’ve have Begun. I spent about 20 out of 30 minutes clearing Mum’s sat dish and doing minimal walkways.



While the snow is sizeable (for us, we don’t get Lake Effect snow down this way), it’s DRY (‘powder’ and that means LIGHT, thank dog) and less of a snow-weight-disaster risk.

They’re calling for twice this amount.

Snow isn’t my dread and Bobby loves it.

I’m worried about temps. It’s normal for the Ozarks to get single (Fahrenheit) digits. It is not normal to have them sustained, or heaven’s forbid, to drop lower. That’s Northerly weather! We don’t keep engine block heaters here, for example. We have lined, waterproof boots but not the very thick ones that provide not only extra insulation but also that ‘cushion of air.’ I know about these things because I was raised by quasi-Canadians (from UP, for those in the know–people here don’t even know what the UP is-HAR!(.

-are the new readers gone yet?

Anyway, the news is reminding us (since we’re not accustomed to this) to stay indoors as any exposed skin can freeze in a moment when it’s this cold.

Snow, pretty snow!

I just checked the St. Louis news (we’re a couple of hours from Lambert/ STL-proper).

Two 18 wheelers jack-knifed further SW (I live SW), so it would seem we’ve got it worse here. St. Charles opened their EOC (emergency services), too. We often get similar weather to them, although they’re north of STL. Kind of a funny ‘soul sister’ situation, weather-wise anyway!

At 9 hours into it, we have 11″ and expect another 12 hours of snow, although it has slowed.

It’s pretty, Bobby’s delighted and I don’t know how I can possibly get to work, although Fenton apparently only got 5″! It’s going through 3 counties to GET there that’s the trick!

This isn’t a big snow for higher altitudes or up north but it’s a decent fall for the Ozarks.

Spring snows are expected through March here. While expected, they’re usually only a couple of inches, just enough to make spring’s early blooms extra-lovely as they’re shown off by a blanket of white.

This snow, however, has buried them!

Spring snows always have the possibility of being bigger, as the ‘power’ of spring weather can fuel them. It’s now when we often get ‘thunder snow,’ which packs a whollop.

It’s 30 seconds of snow (camera a bit weave-y as I was panting from dragging through snow that went over my boots as I moved!) and a frolicking Bobby.

Melty Snowy Walk

Almost all of our snow is melted now, although they’re calling for more to come tomorrow! By late afternoon, it’s only about 1/2 inch thick expect where it drifted deeper or in deep shade.

Bottom of a ravine

Bottom of a ravine

felled tree is telling you something...

felled tree is telling you something…

tree fungus covered with moss and snow

tree fungus covered with moss and snow

Knew the ice wasn't thick enough but thought I'd see how far I could make it...about 18 inches and it cracked :)

Knew the ice wasn’t thick enough but thought I’d see how far I could make it…about 18 inches and it cracked 🙂

Here's a totally melted (bit of snow in center) area, covered with evil thistles. I'll have to eradicate them.

Here’s a totally melted (bit of snow in center) area, covered with evil thistles. I’ll have to eradicate them.