SP Spring Bootcamp Challenge, W1D3


Spring into Shape Bootcamp Challenge, Week One.

I’ll continue the assigned videos (5-10mins/day) and 10 minutes of cardio 5 days a week but I’m going for 30 minutes everyday cos I do that anyway. I’m aiming to not SKIP any days, which is my personal tweak on the challenge.

Join me! It’s free, it’s fun, it’s easy. Really. 5-10 minutes of video a day and 10 minutes cardio, 5 days a week. You’ve got this.


ACA / Obamacare and me

‘They’re all sickly and want the dole but don’t want to work.’

I work full time and have done for decades with no lapses, since aged 15. I have never received state aid beyond state-backed loans for university, for which I had no co-signer. I paid them back with 10% interest, while still in my 20s.

I live in Missouri, one of the states that refused to expand Medicaid but couldn’t force us from buying at the Marketplace.

I am in my 40s. I enrolled before the deadline. I purchased a Gold level package because it was cheaper than what work offered (premiums cheaper, plus the coverage was 5X better…FIVE). I just had my yearly physical, including blood panels. I am healthy. Kiss my half-Irish arse.

metabolic blood panels 2014


lipids cholesterol blood panels 2014

lucky doge!


You know how I finally -this Tuesday!  got a new GP after MONTHS of looking and waiting to be accepted and then having to do a switch? While I was there, amongst normal checking on things-things, she said, ‘You have a virus.’ I knew that I wasn’t feeling well but I wasn’t falling over dead or anything. She said, ‘run its course’ and I totally agreed.

About 24 hours later (Wed), I was well and truly sick (at work) but knew that we’re going to be down a coworker in theartdept as she’s on holiday. For me to call out sick when I knew this was going on is a Big Deal, not so much because I’m awesome (though I’d have felt guilty no matter what but especially with a person gone already) but also because things are rough all over — as you know.

doge such sick feverSo. Sick.

Virus? Yes. Add to it raging, bacterial infection.

I called out. First thing on my Sick Day, though, was ringing my brand new GP’s office.

Now, I’ve basically just shook hands with her. I know people who can’t get a ‘called-in script’ from their normal GP.

I got one. HOT DOGE! 

I’m back at work today but feel every bit as bad as Wednesday, which is better than Wednesday night through Thursday night, so I reckon the virus part may shake off in a day or two. The infection is being dealt with and I’m so freaking grateful to this new doctor!!!



I know!!! How old am I that all I talk about is finding a doctor and then needing it, so I’m super happy?

I LOVE Dr. Twho and Companions

I went to a HORRENDOUS ‘doctor’ in my search for a new GP a couple of weeks ago. Then, I got a referral for another doctor (hence, ‘Twho’) and got to see her yesterday.

Yesterday, I was too verklept to talk about much other than the normally hour-and-a-quarter drive taking over two hours but most importantly that including a head-on collision 8 feet from me. This freaked me out so badly that I was still shaking 2.5 hours later. -prayed to Lord Xanax after getting to work and he intervened. Glory-be.

-are the new readers gone yet?

Today, I want to focus on how FANTASTIC the new doctor’s STAFF is. I came in (rang, they knew about 3 interstates being shut down, so obviously all other arteries were clogged and circulation was shite) and they were happily awaiting me. Really. Like hippity-happity to see me. How nice!

They were like glowing that I’d made it safely. They didn’t know about the head-on collision. I started telling them. Next thing you know, I’ve got other staffers rushing forward, not so much like to hear the gossip but to sort of coddle me.

somebody HOLD me -- not like THAT

somebody HOLD me — not like THAT

And I needed coddling. I’m fairly well adjusted -har!  but I have PTSD. Four decades into it, I have techniques and everything but if something very stressful happens, I go into anxiety mode. I mean more than my self-diagnosed ADHD. I’m not complaining, I’m saying that I probably looked crazy. Poor staff. -cos I was

They get me settled. This did not include cups of tea, blankets or restraints, it was a kindly circle of caring souls  and next thing I know somebody says, ‘I need you to follow me.’

It’s not the usual, ‘Doctor can see you now.’ It was Different . And boy, was it ever.

My insurance new insurance that took til MONDAY 24 MARCH to get my card that I’d paid for in mid-February — this is Coventry’s fault; I’d finally gotten to the bottom of that last week: it was a corrupt file, their automated systems went ‘huh?’ when my account was pulled up  DECLINED this doctor because I didn’t have a GP to refer her.






THIS is the doctor who would be my GP if they’d let her! My old GP is not only retired but dead. She retired to DIE of cancer, OKAY? Baby Bejeebers is crying here. And in case you’re saying, ‘Well, you should’ve started earlier,’ I started looking as soon as we received notice in TWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEEN. I could find no GPs accepting new patients. For realz!

Of all the freaking effed-up scenarios, this is me? It’s better than being in a head-on collision, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been in one of those. Flew out the wind screen.

It-takes-a-village helping circle handsI had Help. Four staffers worked with me and in under two hours, we think that it’s sorted, so doctor saw me (way the heck passed my appointment time!). I say think because we never got written or verbal permission but it showed up on the website, so they took screen shots. Bloody insurance. And they said it’s not just my insurance company. It’s sort of all of them, they take turns being completely ridiculous and you can’t predict when or how. You see it for what it is when it comes and deal with it.

Of all the Companions, Bridget was the Best. I told her when I get married, I’m going to make her a bridesmaid, though we’d only met 2 hours earlier. She said as I was leaving, ‘Listen, if you get anything weird from them in the post, call me and we’ll schedule a meeting (this is not her job) to sort it.’

I’m SO staying with this doctor — for her STAFF! And the doctor seems fine, too. The only thing that weirded me out was she kept staring and staring at the monitor. I’m glad that she’s reading me files and everything but it seemed extra long? She started asking some questions that weren’t the usual things doctors ask. They were medical but like none had anything to do with me? Finally, she said, ‘You’ve seen Beck recently?’ -Dr. So and So

Ah, she’s reading that eedjits notes. ‘I see no reason for us to test you for anything but electrolytes, lipids and sugars, the common ‘yearly physical’ stuff. Can you think of any reason for all these other things?’

I nodded. ‘I read those 4 pages of lab requests and I have to admit that I don’t know what most of them are, having never seen them, but I will say the call for Celiac antibody serum I’m familiar with and since we’ve already covered that I’ve been gluten-free for well over 2 years–‘

star trek tng picard dancingShe cut me off. ‘There would be nothing in the results. Yeah. Let’s just get you the normal stuff.’




the Bitch is Back

I’m baaaack from hols. I had a loverly time away from work.

Remember that doctor who was so horrid? Super-mean and also completely a dolt? I’m going through my pocketbook and found all these papers… -in the meantime, I have an appointment for a new interview session for a GP Tuesday next

One wad of papers was lab requisitions Doctor So and So filled out (which I never went to get as I have ZERO intention of returning — I’d rather have a med tech at a nursing home work on me and that’s not meant as an insult, I have a friend who just got hired in that position and at least she can take a pulse and BP).

Where was I?

Of the 4 pages thick of requisitions, NUMBER ONE was? Celiac test.

Let’s scroll back a tic for the new readers: I have Celiac Disease. It’s a big part of my life since it means that I can’t eat anything I didn’t prepare in my sterile kitchen. It controls my life, as I need to eat.

Here’s the tricky bit that you may not know but a DOCTOR CALLING FOR A TEST SHOULD: one must ingest gluten daily for at least 2 straight weeks before having this test. I told the doctor that I’ve been gf for over 2 years, closer to 3 years. This stuff would be in my medical records.

But it would cost a lot of money for my insurance company to pay.

I would love to blame this doctor for gouging the insurance company, for bilking them out of hundreds of dollars, but I don’t believe it was on purpose. I believe this is one MORE example of incompetence.

Again: I do not expect everybody to know this. I expect a doctor who called for an expensive test to know it. My other doctors know it as soon as I mention Celiac. One even asked me if I’d go back to eating gluten so he could get a current marker on how high my antibodies go up.

He’s just asked me to poison myself for two weeks so he could satisfy an academic itch. I didn’t even have to say anything. From the look on my face, he said, ‘Oh. I don’t suppose I’ll ever seen you again.’

‘Why don’t you take this tablespoon of arsenic a day and come back to me in 2 weeks?’ Sound pretty fucking cuckoo, doesn’t it?

He knew better. Dr. So and So didn’t. Whether or not, you have to ask what’s going on with your practitioners.

Dr. Twho

Did a ramble about my crap doctor experience yesterday. -it was a crappy experience but mostly due to the doctor being crap

Today, we follow up:

I talked to some more people about their GPs (Internal Medicine Doctors is the modern term) — if they loved them. I come up with none.

I went back where I first asked for referrals: my beloved breathing specialist. -my lungs were damaged in a fire about 10 years ago, I mostly do great but have caught pneumonia twice and if I get flu, it almost always goes to my chest, so it’s something for which I retain an expert

Her doctor’s assistant gave me some more names. It’s all about are they accepting new patients.

The nice lady on the phone (not medical staff) took my info and while we were speaking, she saw that I’d just seen a doctor. -this is why I’m never surprised at spying

What happened next was unprofessional but I didn’t mind a bit.

Dumbledore Girl Oh no you didn't‘You saw Dr. So and So?’

‘Erm, yeahhhhhh. Erm. I don’t want to see her again.’

‘You’re not the only one. My in laws saw her and they’ll never go back.’

Sholy Hit!

second doctor whoYeah, yeah, yeah, that was unprofessional BUT it made me feel better! I was feeling guilty that I had that experience, like it was my fault she was an ignorant asshole. Anyway, I have another newbie appointment (ugh, with the levels of interviews again) in a couple of weeks with a different doctor, the second doctor.

Dr. So and So*

* Wish that I could share the song with you but Spotify (which I hate anyway just for these reasons–they NEVER have what I want because I’m not your normal listener) nor youtube have it. You can listen to a clip at Amazon

My GP retired. I needed to find a replacement. Last December, I rang around MANY places and found none taking new patients. Now, I’m not saying ‘nobody’ is but after making 12 phone calls, I got ONE place that said they had a doctor in their group who was receiving new ones, so I snapped that up.

Three months was the wait. Yesterday, was the appointment.

Now, I need to find another doctor. I cannot go back there.

Here’s the thing: as a GP (internal medicine is the modern appellation), I don’t expect you to know everything. I hope that you’re sort of current on big issues but if you don’t know something, there’s nothing like genuine caring and concern, an interest in getting a handle on a medical topic and an openness to learn. Walk with me towards better health, yo.

This doctor was relatively young. I like that! That means they’ve probably gotten some current info and they’re still hoping to save people! Well, that’s what I presume when I see a young doctor. Not to say older doctors are out of the loop or jaded but I have this idea about younger ones. Plus, if it all works out, I won’t have to worry about them retiring on me again-where was I?

Right. This doctor’s office is about 60 miles from where I live because I don’t live near anything but I could find somebody closer. I went with this one because it was the first-nearest who’d take anybody new. I’m reiterating this because boy, is it going to be a PIMA to find somebody else.

I go in and wait, then get a full interview with the first lady. Then, another wait and the doctor’s assistant comes in and gives a full interview. After another wait, the doctor shows. She didn’t make eye contact and sort of mumbled at me. I had to ask her to repeat herself. She was irritated by that. ‘Get up on the table.’ Oh, okay. I can do that but we’re to have an interview first. I think seated would be more normal but She must have Her way, so I clamber on the freak table.

During the interview, she’s reading the assistant’s notes and googling — I swear to God. She’d google something then say something like, ‘WHY ARE YOU TAKING POTASSIUM?!’

I know this is a red flag to doctors who haven’t seen my records. Pity she didn’t bother, so I said, ‘Blood tests showed I was low.’ That pissed her off. Then she asked how often I take my gut tranqs – which had been reported ‘as needed.’

‘For the last two weeks, daily, but before then only now and then since I got the Celiac diagnosis and got completely off things that would injure my gut.’

That pissed her off. ‘You have a counter-indication here.’ It wasn’t what she said but how she said it? Heck, it alarmed me. ‘Really? What?’

She said the potassium and tranq. I asked, ‘Oh, gosh. What would be an indication? Since I don’t have to take it often, I’ll have to watch out for anything.’

She glared at me. After a few seconds, I reworded my concern and that I’d like to know what would be a sign that I’m harming myself, like nausea, fainting, stroke, seizure…you know? What signs?

She started googling. I wish that I were joking.

Look, I don’t believe she has to know everything but if you’re going to bother being LOUD AND ANGRY because something I’m taking counter-indicates, why didn’t you bother SEEING what it could possibly do? I would do that and I bet anybody reading this or WebMD would say, ‘OMG, counter indication?!?! What would it BE?’

Dr. So and So? Nothing. And angry that I asked. I don’t know wtf I’m supposed to do if I need both…I assume get a different prescription that would NOT counter?

Another one she stone-cold flipped on was me taking 10,000 D3 a day. This is not an insane amount but she railed. RAILED. Finally, I said, ‘Celiac? Celiacs commonly are low and need supplementation. While I was only diagnosed less than 3 years ago, I’ve had this since childhood which explains why I’ve always had malabsorption issues and always been prescribed supplements.’ -like in my MOTHERFUCKINGMEDICALHISTORY

wtf childrens blocks


‘Celiac is such a new thing…’


Okay. You can be not-so-up-to-date but that’s flat-out, fecking, unreasonably ill-informed. Her response as an ill-informed yet professional would’ve been something like: We spent about 3 minutes on that in school. I’m not up on the literature. How do you handle it?

It should’ve been in the nature of trying to get a handle on how she should approach this as my doctor.

It was obvious that she didn’t know a great deal (I’m only sharing about Celiac but there’s other autoimmune and heart disease is RAMPANT in my family. She should’ve been very concerned about the heart issues. She was not.

In case you have autoimmune diseases, especially Crohns or Ulcerative Colitis and/ or Celiac, or know somebody who does and would like to be exponentially better informed than this doctor I won’t return to, listening to this video lecture is going to set you up as a winner.