backyard collage, floral edition


spring, Bobby: Morel hunting is the WORST hunting I’ve been party to

the one thing I did find was my 1st tick-bite of the year

Not only is it plant hunting but … we found none. I took photos as I searched and went into the front creek after giving up. Bobby got to enjoy some swimmins when we got back to the house. -he swims 3,278 times a day in our ponds anyway but it’s always fresh for him!

Missouri Wildflowers -helps identify by colour

Basic (Missouri) Mushrooming -don’t miss several linked articles at bottom for related articles

Lichens of Lower Ozarks -for the serious wildcrafter, this is a paper by a member of MOBOT

Our Front Creek is part of the Big River Watershed -we’re in the nice, mixed-y-up area towards the bottom with the best variety of geo-formations

Videos as links to my flickr, below photos…


baby wild carrots

Bobby and Himses Pond (one of them)

methinks a fawn femur, given size

determined white oak roots clinging to the side of a ravine

mmm, shaley goodness

I’m crap at rock identification but I think the orange might be granite. Honestly, I took this for Cha0tic, whom I thought would like these two more colourful ones

sun! (reflexion)

purple hyacinths and Bobby on the wrong side of a fence

everything around here is tumbled down, it’s a very Ozarks sight

robust moss, less-so wild fern

fawn (reckon) vertebrae

unsure: tree ear fungus?

you can’t tell but this is 20 feet down a ravine where a bunch of our chat washed, which is also a common Ozarks phenomenon. Put 20 tonnes of chat on a road, next year 2/3 of it will be Elsewhere. #Incline

redbud blossoms

wee mandrake/ mayapples…they’ll grow up 10x this size or if you know what a full-grown plant looks like, this is at 1/10th

Bobby in full swim (about 15 feet deep where he’s crossing).

Front creek.


lavender We needed rain desperately and got some! The garden will hopefully be happier but everything went in late (long winter) and then we had no moisture, so whatever’s up is sort of sagemealy — except the asparagus which regularly produced a gallon a day. -except when it doesn’t, fickle Mother Nature

I noticed yesterday that anything irisesthat managed to bloom seems to be violet!