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Send in The Dogs: Australia

I flipped on the tele and caught the end of a show called Dog Heroes, which was grand but NEXT was this show!

They’re big, serious, Aussie Ace-ys!

That’s meant to go the the whole show, not my particular episode, which featured an 800+kg newborn pup!

Vegetarian canine chronicles continue, turnips

Acey loves all veg and fruit proferred and he’ll also go pick his own! He’s not wasteful or playful with it. He gets one at a time and eats it.

The only thing he has not cared for is salad greens but obviously if something’s on them or like I cook spinach with EVOO and lemonjiuce, he’s all over it.

This is an example of us eating raw turnips together. As stated (in silly voice), I learnt that I needn’t pick turnips for him and for me. He likes the root end and skins!

Winter Olympics erm, Ozarkics?

Bobby and I on the back pond

Bobby and me on the back pond

It’s about torque, really, and trust.

Tuesday night, oh my gosh what a shitty drive home. Everybody left early. Yeah, everybody. I stayed for a few reasons:

  • I had access to the 4×4 Big Rig that day and had taken it
  • Everybody leaving early meant all those aholes were on the road
  • I hoped that not only the aholery should clear but that MoDOT (Missouri Department of Transportation) would you know, do something

The drive was stressful but better than expected.

  • I didn’t crash…
  • a Borrowed Vehicle…
  • that’s dear

The drive went 5mph for the first 10 miles or so. Well, stopped and 5mph. As less vehicles were on the road (getting home), it was sort of better but that also meant I was further out in the hills and less work had been done. Vehicles were all over the place, which is scary as hell. It’s not YOU, it’s THEM. And by the I mean I’ve crashed enough cars, sometimes into others, to know shite happens.

wooden flume

wooden flume

Yesterday was a snow day (used vacation money/ time — boo!). We worked on the ranch road for 2.5 hours. I don’t know if I can get home but I did manage to slide off the ranch (we’re at the top of a valley and you can flume your way down to the county road.


I went out on the completely frozen back pond and skidded around a bit like a kid — not with wild abandon, not carrying when my feet would go out from under me. Bobby thought this was Mental and wouldn’t pull me along the way some of our dogs did when I was a kid. Jerk. It’s fun! You get on the packed icy-snow (depending on your type of snow, this one was the wet, heavy, packing-inta-ice kind) and hold onto a dog’s collar, letting their superior bonus legs and claws drag you.

A lot like this but the dog pulls you and there’s nobody around to cheer or laugh.