Did I ever tell you about the time the Chief of Police of Webster Groves saved my life?

I may have shared this story, you know I forget!

Yesterday, an acquaintance had 2 of her kids with her in a city park and a CAR came up the pathway — this is highly unusual as pedestrian with trees/ greenery/ hiking kind of park. Turns out (she called the cops), he was running from the cops already, hence cutting through a park. He drove up the walking path and at the last moment, swerved (avoiding them) and got away. Obviously, in addition to be rare, it was terrifying. It reminded me of the not-at-all-as-scary tale but MY tale.

police doge

police doge

Back around 1990, I happened to be crossing the road (a sleepy, little, windy road through what was then still a residential area–150 year old homes on one side, convent on the other) at a crosswalk cohabitated by the then Chief of Police.

I noted it was the police chief as we approached the crosswalk because at that age, I was still in excellent form from –allegedly  running from cops.

Sharing the pavement with one made me Highly Nervous!

Pretty short story:

We were about halfway across the road when the squealing of tires made us stop and turn our heads towards the sound. You’re familiar with the term ‘deer in headlights?’ A car came skidding around the turn (where he should’ve stopped), hurtling towards us.

I realise the thing to do is RUN.

What you don’t realise is that in addition to the deer in headlights factor, this guy is swerving madly and you don’t know WHICH way to run.

I said, ‘He’s not stopping!’ The Chief of Police took a step, facing the car and said to me, ‘He bloody well will.’

He stood there like Superman while I watched the car nose-down maybe 3 inches from the Chief. I was shaking but ran the rest of the way across the road and didn’t look back. Crazy, right? I said that I was used to running from cops, guess my deer in headlights wore off.

I’m sure the Chief had something to say for the car who ran a stop sign at that corner — and nearly didn’t stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk!

I’m glad he was there. He’s my favourite cop of all time! -to be fair, the competitions’s pretty slim


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